Celtic Rangers

They’ll have the time of their lives, learning new skills and exploring the natural world. Also leaping, climbing and shooting things!

Get the kids back in touch with nature and adventure with indoor or outdoor activities such as the Big Four, Forest Trail, Woodland Survivor, Archery and Tree Climbing. 

Let your rangers create great memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

Steep Ravine

Buckle up and prepare to shriek as you speed across the Steep Ravine on a 40ft high zip wire before landing safely on the opposite side for your high rope adventure. Climb and crawl your way around the obstacle course high up in the trees.

High action adventures
  • tree climbing at steep ravine

Tournament Field

Compete against others by launching the giant catapult, settle a quarrel with a contest of crossbow marksmanship, or step back in time and wield the archer’s bow and arrow. Zooming into the 21st century, you can even fire laser rifles at clays to see who has the quickest trigger finger and sharpest responses.

Let battle commence
  • Archery at the Tournament Field
  • Large Catapult
  • Crossbow Shoot
  • Lasey clay Field

Lake Activities

Experience the open water at our Bluestone Lake. We offer a range of water-based activities and tuition including Kayaking, Coracle racing and Raft Building. All aboard!

  • lake activity
  • young family Amazing holiday, fantastic accommodation - 5 star time. Can't wait to come back - Bluestone feels like part of us now!

    Laura Francis

The Big Four

If you've got a head for heights then you’ll love our big four. Get roped up and prepare for the swing of your life as you sail through the air like a giant pendulum on The Swing. Plummet on The Drop from 39ft up. Try the Wall, a great way to get your youngsters into climbing, or even the Sky Trail, a high ropes indoor adventure 20 feet in the air!

The Adventure Centre
  • Boy on high ropes

Slides and Flumes

Blue Lagoon is a place where carefree summers and cold winter nights come alive with breathtaking rides, rapid rivers and flumes, relaxing pools and special places just for kids.It‘s a fun-filled, sub-tropical waterpark that guarantees thrilling aqua-adventures.

Blue Lagoon Waterpark
  • Girl under waterfall at Blue Lagoon
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