Celtic Rangers - Activities For Children 8-12 Years

They’ll have the time of their lives, learning new skills and exploring the natural world. Also leaping, climbing and shooting things!

Get the kids back in touch with nature and adventure with indoor or outdoor activities such as the Forest Trail, Woodland Survivor, Archery and Tree Climbing. 

Let your rangers create great memories and experiences that last a lifetime.

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👪 = Adult Supervision Required

Steep Ravine 👪

In the midst of towering pines, the hillside falls away steeply to a glinting stream. Welcome to Steep Ravine. Our high ropes, tree climbing and zip wires (60ft up!) are designed to thrill and at Base Camp we have activities that bring younger ones closer to nature. They’ll come away with a healthy respect for the countryside and prepare them for a good night’s sleep. 6yrs+

High action adventures
  • tree climbing at steep ravine
  • high ropes
  • zip wire

Woodland Survivor

Players are whisked off to the wilderness of the Steep Ravine Forest and split into teams, the challenge then is to survive the elements of the forest. Join us for 3 hours of fun with food included. Suitable for 8-12 yrs, unaccompanied.

  • Girls in forest

Tournament Field 👪

Go medieval. Battle with giant catapults, learn crossbow marksmanship and improve your aim with a bow and arrow. Become a fierce warrior for the day and change history. 8yrs+

Let battle commence
  • Archery at the Tournament Field

Indoor Woodland Warrior

Woodland Warrior Laser Combat is like paintball but without the paint or the pain! This activity will test your aim, skill and endurance and can be played come rain or shine. 8 yrs+ Unaccompanied, but adults will need to drop off and collect their children.

  • Indoor Woodland Warrior
  • Indoor Woodland Warriors - Light

4x4 Safari Driving 👪

There are two fantastic new courses which challenge, excite and prepare the young ones for the future ahead. However, it is not your average run of the mill track. Amazing new features including narrow roads fenced in with fallen logs, hills, different levels, reversing bays, rickety bridges, willow tunnels and even a see-saw to drive over. Must be aged 6-11, guardian required.

Family Fun on the Lake!

Dive into fun together! Pembrokeshire is famed for its water sports, during the summer months the lake hosts kayaking sessions, introduction to Welsh Coracle navigation and raft building for families…a lot more challenging than it looks.

Lake Activities
  • kayaking
  • rafting
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