Operation Dirt doesn't hurt 

The Mission: Undertake a mission with the Bluestone Rangers who will test your physical endurance, mental ability, teamwork and leadership skills. Gather your team for the day or for the weekend and transform them into a Rambo styled challenge. 

Battle Orders: Fire and manoeuvre, raft recces and casualty simulation evacuations are just a few of the challenges which each team will endure over the event. Suitable for all fitness levels, Operation Dirt Doesn't Hurt 

is an adventure day or weekend designed by an ex Royal Marine commando to give mere mortals a taste of life in the armed forces. Designed with true spirit and passion, this adventure day or weekend will be like no other.

Activity examples include:

Feel the burn

A physical endurance challenge that takes them to their max. Total team number of reps for sit ups, pull ups, press ups, Squat's and our ex-Royal Marine's special Pain Killers.

  • Men doing situps

Tree Trunk Transport

Your team has taken a casualty! Quick get him to the chopper…. Pick up your fallen trunk and transport as fast as possible to the extraction point. Time is everything and the rewards for getting him there could help your team in other challenges.

  • tree trunk challenge

Raft Recce

All aboard, get your team onto the raft and across the lake. Collect the clues and solve the puzzle. Don't worry it's only water and your skin is water proof!

  • raft building

Zip Wire Grenadier

Throw your grenade onto the target to score your team the points! Sound easy? Did I mention you are travelling 333ft down a zip wire 50ft in the air at the same time?

  • Zip Wire Grenadier

Woodland Warrior

It's war… it's deep in the woods and you’re suited, booted, locked and loaded…… Let them come…. ditches, trees, hides and holes are your friends. Anything that moves in the distance your enemy, take aim and with your team destroy the opposition with the laser guns that record every hit. War cries and camouflage cream are essential.

  • woodland warrior

Front line re-supply

It's the Company commander on the radio, the front line needs a resupply, but obstacles stand in your way. Transportation is not an option! Get your team to deliver the vital supplies to the front line anyway you can before they run out! Climb walls and hills, slip through tunnels and snagging spider webs, the Commander doesn't care… Just don't stop or he will not be happy!

  • Climbing fence at teambuilding


Flash Grenades are designed for temporary blindness. All but one of your team was in direct view of this temporary punishment, extract your team by guiding them from the danger zone but the quickest way is through the barb-wire. Slow steady and clear direction is the only way to keep your team calm and through in one piece.

  • men running
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