The Quest

The Quest is unique to Bluestone and is a fun, corporate, team-building event which may be run purely as that: a fun day’s competition to provide a social, bonding experience outside the normal workplace. 

Alternatively it can be used as a more serious event where the emphasis is on skills needed to make a good team, putting those skills into practice, reviewing and rating performance and agreeing a list of key skills. 

As well as the focus on teams, for each participant the day provides a great opportunity to be an effective team member, to make the most of their own strengths and to recognize and challenge their weaknesses. 

Either approach delivers a valuable learning experience but the latter has much more of a ‘training’ context. 

The main running of the event is just the same but the Debrief at the end of the day is more structured.

Typical Timetable 

  • 09:00: Teams meet up at a central location and are given handouts
  • 09.30: Briefing
  • 09.45: Teams head for bases
  • Lunch
  • 15:00: Tournament 
  • 16:00: Afternoon Tea Debrief and Results 

Essentially, The Quest is a competition between teams to see who gains the most points. After a brief introduction with the whole group, participants get into their teams for the day and are given a preliminary questionnaire. 

This focuses their ideas on what makes a good team: the attributes, the skills and what each team member might be able to bring to the group. Teams are then sent to their different bases where they will find the Team Folder and a set of Sealed Envelopes. Everything they need to know for the day is in this material.

At the end of the event all teams reconvene (where they all met up at the start) for a Debrief and to announce the winners.

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