The Spa Thermal Room Experience

Our thermal suite is an indulgent experience in itself offering six unique pods; each with its own therapeutic benefit focused on the re- balance of mind, body and soul. Herbal steams will relax, whilst salts will cleanse and the heat of a traditional brick sauna will penetrate surface muscular tensions. The thermal suite is a great place to begin your spa experience, allowing you to start winding down before your chosen treatment; it is also incredibly beneficial as a standalone experience.

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Salt Room
salt room

At room temperature, the Salt Room helps prepare the body for the full thermal experience. The healing properties of the salt are great for respiratory and skin conditions.

Hot Brick Sauna

Stay inside as long as you feel comfortable, listen to your body. Heat induces relaxation and promotes sweating which helps cleanse the body of toxins.

Ice Room

A toning, refreshing and stimulating effect on the body, we recommend using the ice room after the heat experience to help stimulate the body’s natural circulation.

Marine Steam Room
marine thermal room

With marine extracts in the air, invigorate the senses helping to cleanse and detoxify the body. It’s a great room to come back to, to cool off after one of the hotter saunas.

Herbal Steam Room
herbal room

The eucalyptus essence in this calming room will help to clear the airways and relieve any cold or flu like symptoms as well as helping to relax the muscles.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Nestled outdoors, enjoy the fresh air whilst the hydro therapy pool warms and relaxes you pre or post treatment. You’ll feel well and truly spoilt.

Thermal experience only £20

Book to use the spa between 9am and 11am during your break for just £20 for a 2 hour thermal suite experience, a glass of fruit smoothie and use of the hydro therapy pool and experience showers.

If mornings aren’t quite for you, book an evening between 4pm and 7pm to receive a glass of champagne, a 2 hour thermal suite experience for £20 with the Sun Down Experience.

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