ESPA Massages

At the Well Spa Retreat we are proud to exclusively use the ESPA product range that promotes a quality blend of holistic aromatherapy oils and sumptuous scents of nature. These luxurious blends heighten the effect of a relaxing Indian Head massage or full body hot stone treatment among other treats we have on offer.

Each experience below includes a 50 minute session at a cost of £70. The treatments can be added to your booking within the manage your booking section.

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Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 

This treatment is both relaxing and invigorating and you can dictate which of the two is most important to you. Your experienced therapist will blend aromatherapy oils for this sumptuous massage, based upon what your needs are. This is an indulgent treat to release tensions throughout the body and detoxify the system.

Deep Tissue Full Body Massage

The deep tissue massage is extremely invigorating and great for any deeper set muscle tensions. The tensions held within the muscle fibers and deep tissues are released through firm pressure across the body with a sensual mix of essential oils to relax the senses whilst the body is completely revitalized.

Deep Cleansing Back Ritual

The back is always one of the most neglected areas as it’s so difficult to reach. This treatment will completely refresh the skin with exfoliation prior to the cleansing ritual that will include gentle massage throughout this experience. Skin will be left feeling soft and supple with a clear and refreshed complexion. 

Back, face and Scalp Massage

You get the best of both worlds with the back, face and scalp massage. You will feel any tensions held in your shoulders – just slip away – perfect for anyone that sits at a desk for long periods of time. The face and scalp massage will improve circulation aiding healthier skin and hair as well as refreshing the skins physical appearance.

Full Body Hot Stone Massage

This is a very sumptuous treat. These natural stones are heated and then used by the therapist to massage essential oils from the shoulders down to the feet. The heat from the stones releases muscle tensions whilst the warming effect on the skin completely relaxes mind, body and soul.

Maternity Massage*

The maternity massage is perfect for mums to be who have passed the first trimester. Your experienced spa therapist will work closely with you on a bespoke treatment to cure any ailments that need relieving.

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