Our foremost aim is to make sure that when you come to Bluestone, you leave with memories to cherish.

We do not claim to be paragons of environmental virtue and we are not guilt-laying preachers of the green gospel. We simply seek to achieve our foremost aim in a sustainable and environmentally-responsible way.

There are some things that ten years ago might have been derided as flights of fancy, which today are simple common sense: don’t waste energy; don’t pump noxious fumes into the air; don’t send all your rubbish to landfill; don’t throw away stuff you or someone else can re-use; don’t buy stuff from a thousand miles away when you can get the same thing or better locally… In short: try not to do anything today which our children will have to pay for tomorrow.

This common-sense approach is at the heart of our commitment to environmental responsibility. It’s easy to theorise and have grand ideas that never leave the drawing board, but we don’t feel we have the luxury of just talking the talk about environmental responsibility. We don’t claim perfection. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but as far as we can, we walk the walk.

Within the Bluestone design and operating plan are many measures derived from principles of sustainability, or aimed at caring for and enhancing the natural environment, and as an overarching method of improving our performance, we use the Green Dragon Environmental Management System.

This means we have identified all areas of our business and operations that could impact on the environment; we measure and monitor them, and strive to control and continually improve our performance in relation to them.

We recognise our main areas of impact to be; energy consumption, resource consumption, waste generation, enhancement and protection of the natural environment and transport of staff and guests and we have a comprehensive set of annual targets that will be audited by an independent body to improve our performance across all of these areas.

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