Woohoo you found a Bluestone Rock!

Now all you need to do is post your picture and rehide it for the next person to find.

What is Bluestone Rocks?

Our guests are spreading Free Range Fun around Pembrokeshire in our new game of Bluestone Rocks! The aim of the game is to brighten others’ days by painting rocks and hiding them for other guests to find. 

If you find a Bluestone Rock:

1) Take a photo with it

2) Post it to this page

3) Rehide the Bluestone Rock for the next person to find

4) Keep an eye on this page to see how many people find your Bluestone Rock and how far it travels!

Making Bluestone Rocks 

Guests are invited to bring their painted rocks from home or make them at Bluestone in our brand new Ranger Activity – Nature Art! 

The most important thing to remember is to write: “BluestoneWales.com/BluestoneRocks” on the bottom of your rock; that way whoever finds it will be able to share their photos and you’ll be able to track the journey of your Bluestone Rocks!  

Help Bluestone to spread the Free Range Fun! Upload your photos below:

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