10 reasons why Bluestone makes the perfect holiday destination for young families

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Our friend Helen from Twins, Tantrums and Cold Coffee came to stay with us recently. Here are Helen's 10 reasons why Bluestone National Park Resort makes the perfect holiday destination for young families

1. There's SO much to do

It’s easy to say ‘there’s lots to do’ when it comes to a holiday resort. But this place REALLY DOES have activities coming out of its ears. You can choose from over 100 of them online before you get there, so you’d be hard pushed to NOT find something you or the kids fancy. And don’t worry that there won’t be anything for pre-schoolers, toddlers and babies - you’ll be spoilt for choice. We went for our beloved Baby Sensory for the twins, but could have opted for baby yoga and massage or messy play. Toddler-wise there is basically an activity every morning and afternoon to take advantage of - we went for the Tawny Tails shadow puppet show, and a story session with Buzby Bumbles - which turned out to be a massive hit. Partly because I got to dress Thomas up as a bee - it had Facebook and Instagram written all over it!

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2. Blue Lagoon Water Park

Everyone loves a swim when they’re on holiday, and for us it was always a go-to activity for Thomas - now slightly trickier with two extra kids to bob around in the water. But Bluestone’s pool is beyond cool for young children. Its beach-style design means your babies and toddlers can happily splash around in the shallows if they don’t want to go too deep, and there’s even a separate Water Cove wet play area for the littlies. For the adventurous there are two water flumes, a river rapids ride, a lazy river, pirates’ shipwreck and wave machine. It’s impossible for kids (whatever their age) not to have fun in this place - and it’s all absolutely free!

Man on outdoor water slide 

3. All weather fun

Bluestone promises all-weather fun, and with their huge indoor Adventure Centre, that’s a promise they can definitely keep. The Centre is a giant space where the fun of the outdoors has been brought inside so the kids (and you!) can enjoy yourselves whatever the weather. Don’t be fooled into thinking it’s mostly for the older children, there is LOADS for the little ones to get up to - a bouncy castle, soft play areas, ball pools, diggers, slides, climbing nets and frames, amusement games, and a massive Circus Zone. Our three had a whale of a time.

Indoor mini golf 

4. Eating out

Okay, so when you have small children, eating out is probably way down the list of priorities. It definitely is on mine - it’s not exactly the most enjoyable experience with a fussy two year old and two babies. But if you have kids who are willing to eat more than just pesto pasta or peanut butter sandwiches, you’ll be spoilt for choice for dining options. There are five restaurants, cafes and a village pub (and even a chippy), so if you wanted, you wouldn’t have to go to the same place twice. I can definitely recommend the cake in Ty Coffi!


5. A Safe Haven

Once you’re unloaded at your lodge, cars need to be taken back to the car park and not allowed on site, so this has to be one of the safest places you can go on holiday when you have young children. Obviously I wasn’t about to allow my toddler to run off on his own, but it was great knowing that there weren’t cars speeding around.

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6. Get around in style -in a golf buggy.

The no cars thing leads me onto this: golf buggies! What a great way to ferry your little ones around the resort. It was literally the most exciting thing to happen to our toddler all week. Bluestone covers 500 acres, so you might not want to be walking (carrying) everywhere. But most of all it’s FUN! Our toddler was beside himself when we hired one (Emma to be exact - they all have names), and couldn’t wait to take a ride. We weren’t about to fit our double buggy on there at the same time as us five, but with some babywearing/sling action and a strapped-in toddler, we were off! You can also hire bikes with child seats or trailers if you fancy a more energetic option. Just watch out for the hills!

7. Child-friendly accommodation

Bluestone has 300 lodges across the resort, all of which children would have a ball in. But if you wanted to add that extra bit of kids luxury, opt for a new St David’s - complete with playroom and toys! Not only does it have a massive open plan kitchen, dining room and lounge, it has a playroom off the living area which is filled with a blackboard, tent, spacehopper and games. There’s even a settee for parents to ‘relax’ whilst their children play in there. Bluestone lodges also come with highchairs and cots (even providing two of everything for our twins), so there’s no need to bring them with you. Bonus!

Helen Copson

8. Great places to explore

If you fancy a day away from Bluestone (you won’t btw), it couldn’t be more ideally located for exploring its beautiful surroundings. The resort is set within the Welsh Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, so on the doorstep you have stunning beaches just waiting for your kids to build sandcastles on, as well as family-friendly attractions, villages and the famous seaside town of Tenby.

tenby beach 

9. There’s a creche

Okay, so strictly speaking numbers 9 and 10 on this list might be slightly dubious, but that definitely depends on which side of the parenting fence you’re currently sitting on. First up, Bluestone has its own creche! It might not necessarily be a must-have for some families, but for others this is a God-send. Three hours of child-free time? Who wouldn’t want to weave this into their holiday?! Children have fun, parents get a break.

10. A Spa

So that brings me nicely onto the last reason - Bluestone has its very own spa. Maybe a good use of those 3 hours when the kids are enjoying themselves in the creche? The Well Spa has an outdoor hydro pool, brick and celtic saunas, herbal and marine steam rooms, an ice cave, salt room and ‘experience’ showers, as well as a tranquil relaxation room and cafe. An absolutely guaranteed way to relax. Surely the holiday can’t be ALL about the children?

Well Spa 

So what are you waiting for? Plan your summer break today and find out what makes Bluestone National Park resort the perfect destination for your next family holiday.

 You can find out more about Helen's adventures at Bluestone on her blog


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