10 Tips For Writing The Perfect Letter To Father Christmas

By Kathryn Slade Father Christmas on Throne

Now we know that Father Christmas is always checking to see who is being naughty and who is being nice! Every year there is a very special letter that he waits for from all of the boys and girls. I spoke to one of our Elves at this year’s Kingdom of the Elves adventure to see if they had any tips when you are writing!

1) Choose some nice paper and a pen or a pencil in your favourite colour.

2) Make sure you have practiced your best handwriting first!  

3) Write your address in the top right hand corner so Father Christmas will know where to find you. If you are staying at Bluestone don’t worry because we will let him know what lodge you will be in!

4) Start your letter with ‘Dear Father Christmas’

5) Underneath this write a little bit about yourself like your name and how old you are.

6) Thank him for the Christmas presents that you got last year, he loves to know that you got exactly what you wanted.

7) Then ask Father Christmas for the things you would like. Keep your list short and think really hard about exactly what you would like. Remember to say Please and Thank You!

8) End your letter by sending your love to all the reindeers!

9) Sign your first name at the bottom and draw a little picture too if you have room.

10) Then pop the letter by the fire place before you go to bed and in the morning it will be on its way to the North Pole!

If you want any more tips book a Bluestone Christmas break and experience Kingdom of the Elves today!

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