5 Tips to travel safely this winter

By Rhys Williams Snow Car

Thanks to our beautiful coastal location, adverse weather conditions rarely cause travel disruption in Pembrokeshire, however during the winter months it's always best to be prepared wherever you are! Here are our five top tips to stay safe during your travels:

1) Plan your route

You have been looking forward to your holiday for several months, don’t overlook the route planning aspect of your journey and make sure you check out any weather warnings and road closures. Stick to the main roads and take it slow,  if you are running a bit late for your check in time, remember our Bluestone security team are here 24 hours of the day and are happy to welcome you at any time of the day.

2) Pack your car with warm clothes

When driving in the winter, we motorists need to plan for all eventualities, if you do break down you don’t want to be caught out wearing nothing but your onesie. Make sure you layer up, thermals and thick winter socks are a must. 

3) Plenty of supplies 

If you are travelling a long distance to get to Bluestone, we would always recommend keeping a winter driving kit in your car this includes: de-icer, a scraper, torch and high visibility jackets. Don’t forget the all important food and drink; these are a vital part of travelling, so stock up on those naughty treats.  

4) Mobile phone 

Make sure you have a fully charged mobile phone so you can call for help or alert someone if you’re delayed or stuck in snow, it could be a long walk to a phone! Mobile phones and tablets are also a great way to keep your little ones occupied during the tedious traffic.

5) Travel insurance 

Think about travel insurance. When booking a break with us for any season of the year we strongly advise that you take out travel and cancelation insurance just in case of unforeseen circumstances. You can save 10% when you purchase your travel insurance from our recommended provider Citybond Suretravel.

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