8 Similiarities between Wales and Ireland

By Kathryn Slade

For St Patrick's Day we thought we would put together a list of similarities between our homeland of Wales and our Irish neighbours to the west to celebrate two great countries!

Beautiful Beaches

Both countries are renowned for their natural beauty and stunning beaches! Did you know that on a clear day you can see Ireland from the beaches on the west coast of Pembrokeshire?

Pembrokeshire Beach
Pembrokeshire Beach

A Love of Rugby

Both Countries are proud Rugby nations and in my opinion have two of the best anthems for singing along to get you in the spirit!

Celtic Heritage

 Thanks to our rich heritage we are proud to be Celtic Cousins with our friends across the Irish Sea! 

Welsh and Irish

Both countries have their own languages!

Irish and Welsh

Historic Castles

As well as beautiful beaches there are plenty of Historic Castles to explore in Ireland and Wales! One of Wales' most famous is Pembroke Castle the birthplace of Henry VII and it is only 13 miles from Bluestone!

For over 200 years, millions of pilgrims climbing the steps to kiss the Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle near Cork to gain the gift of eloquence.

Pembroke Castle
 Pembroke Castle, Pembrokeshire

Our Patron Saints

Legend states that Saint Patrick who was said to have been born in Wales forsaw the birth of the Welsh Patron Saint when he was visited by an Angel.

St Davids Cathedral

Traditional Irish Breakfast vs. Traditional Welsh Breakfast

It's a difficult decision but it had to make the list.

According to discoveringireland.com a full Irish breakfast includes: A large cooked breakfast of meat (bacon, sausages and black and white puddings), eggs, vegetables and potato all fried in butter.

According to Wales Online, a full Welsh Breakfast is similar you would expect to find Welsh bacon, sausage, eggs, in one of four ways, and fried laverbread and oatmeal, black pudding is an optional extra but isn't strictly Welsh.

Irish Stew and Cawl

Both are delicious and are traditionally eaten on the celebration days of the countries Patron Saints!

 Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! Cheers, Sláinte and Iechyd Da!


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