9 treats you can only get away with at Christmas time

By Megan Tapper Birthday cupcakes

By now you’ve probably gathered that here at Bluestone, we think Christmas is pretty awesome. Family time, great food, parties and gift-giving. What could be nicer?!

At Christmas time we can get away with a lot of things that would seem downright odd on the other 11 months of the year.

Here are 9 of the best treats that you can only get away with at Christmas time.

  1. Baileys flavoured everything. It’s a decadent and delicious drink that people tend to swerve until the winter months. Once December arrives it’s Baileys flavoured double cream, Baileys chocolates, Baileys ice cream, Baileys in a hot chocolate – I’m even considering having it on my cereal.
  2. Only Fools and Horses Christmas Special. Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special. Father Ted Christmas Special. Vicar of Dibley Christmas Special. They never get old!
  3. Bring on the glamour! How often do you get all dressed up to have dinner at home? On Christmas Day it’s the perfect excuse to show off your glitzy new outfit. Just try not to spill gravy on it, yeah?
  4. Alcohol before 11am. Ok, so maybe I’ve been guilty of this on my summer holidays once or twice...but generally, Christmas Day is the only day it’s acceptable to have a glass of bubbly with your breakfast.
  5. Eating four times more than you should. I spend all year counting calories, so on Christmas Day I say a loud “who cares?!” as  I treat myself to another slice of chocolate Yule log.
  6. Falling asleep on the sofa. So, after consuming  one’s bodyweight in turkey at dinner there’s really nothing nicer than sitting on the sofa and catching forty winks in your Christmas paper hat.
  7. Cranking up the cheesy tunes. Super cool people like me (ahem...) are rarely seen listening to anything other than jazz and vintage rock music. But at Christmas, I get out the Shakin’ Stevens, Mariah Carey and Slade – “IT’S CHRISTMAAAAS!” as Noddy Holder would say!
  8. Being a big kid. We’re in our mid to late twenties, but that doesn’t stop me and my brother and sister reverting to our inner seven-year-olds play fighting, laughing and messing about on the living room floor all afternoon!
  9. Advent calendars. An excuse to have chocolate every morning, what could be better?


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