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A Day In The Life: Front of House

By Kathryn Slade

Last month we opened the new Booking Office in the centre of the Bluestone Village. We caught up with one of our front of house team Jack to find out how they are getting on there and what an average day includes!

‘I have worked at Bluestone for nearly 4 years now, starting from an Activities instructor before becoming an Entertainer and now I work as part of the Front of House team dealing with guest services.

An average day starts at 8:30 with a cup of coffee along with a briefing of everything that might have happened the night before and anything that might be happening that day. This is where the day to day life starts to change. The front of house staff move around the park so we go from working in The Blue Lagoon to Sales, The Adventure Centre to Guest Services, Arrivals to the new Booking Office in the Village. Each of the places has their own separate ways in which they run and require different range knowledge & skills.

Booking Office 

For example:

The Blue Lagoon is very fast paced as they are open to the public along with park guests.

In the Adventure centre you will mostly be dealing with guest’s activities & entertainment so you need to know everything. This would be from unaccompanied to accompanied session, age & height restrictions, what the session involves and the prices on them. Thankfully being an ex-activities instructor I have a head start on all of this information. It can be a lot to remember but I enjoy the challenge!

Arrival days are very fast paced but you always need to take your time to make that first moment special when the guests arrive. This could be from just giving the kids a high five or a smile as they arrive; I personally try and make it quirky & have a joke and a laugh with the guests.

At the new booking office, you need knowledge on everything park wide and Pembrokeshire. Here we mainly take bookings (hence the name) for everything activities, spa, food, entertainment and new holiday bookings. The booking office is essentially the information centre where guests can learn about Pembrokeshire. We can be recommending the right beach to go to or different attractions off-site every one of our guests is looking for something different to explore. Each person you talk to will have a different preference on this, so who ever you meet, you’ll learn something new.

My personal favourite beach is Broad Haven South, beautiful white sand with blue water and huge cliffs. We have had nearly every single question you could think of come in to the Booking Office, the best one I can think of right now was “What type of green do we paint the lodges with?” I personally didn’t know but I was able to find out, turned out it didn’t have a name and just a code in which you can put into a website and it would pop up! It’s all about making sure our guests have a fantastic holiday here!

To find out whether is a vacancy to suit you at the moment head to our careers page!

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