A Sneaky Peek at a Bluestone Christmas

By Kerry Curson Elf yourself Christmas at Bluestone starts today!!! What a week we've had getting our magical wonderland that is Kingdom of the Elves ready for our guests. There's been building, decorating, arranging, fancy dressing, Christmas music and festive jumpers a plenty!

Get scrolling for a sneaky peak of what's in store this festive season...


Excitement first set in when we spotted this little fella hidden in an Adventure Centre corridor (not all that inconspicuous but we were in love at first sight).

Then came the arrival of this year's star Elves who received some sparkle pampering for a photoshoot full of fun and frolicks...

Once the fun was done with our little helpers got their work shoes on and began the transformation of our indoor playground the Adventure Centre, it's looking amazing and our first Kingdom or the Elves guests are in for a real treat when we launch tomorrow, of course we would simply hate to spoil the surprise completely so we took just a couple of sneaky snaps for your eyes only...

 There's giant candy...


Puzzles to be solved?


 Toys a plenty...


And Christmas trees as tall as houses! Then came Thursday, when the world was introduced to the cutey pie Monty The Penguin, we thought we'd finally found a mate for Mona...but no such luck :(



It's been a week full of Christmas spirirt, with buckets more to come! So be sure to take a Christmas break with us for some magical moments to remember!

Merry (early) Christmas!

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