Activites and Entertainment in 2020: Children age 3 to 7

Activities 2020 children

Get the kids active in 2020 with adventures in the big outdoors. Whether they’re brimming with energy, desperate to strike out on their own or love to be entertained, we’ve got a range of different experiences to put a smile on everyone’s faces. 

Here’s our guide to all the activities our young adventurers can enjoy in 2020. 

Ages 3 – 7 years 


Free Ranger Activities

Panning for Gold (45 minutes) 

Join the gold rush at Camp Smokey as Smokey Joe helps you hunt for a little nugget of gold. With songs and silliness it’s a fun activity – where you even get to pocket your winnings! 

Nature Art (3 hour) 

Draw inspiration from the world around you as learn to forage in the big outdoors and create art from the treasures you find on the forest floor. 

Go Wild (2 hours) 

Head into the forest, learn survival skills, challenge yourself and discover if you’ve got what it take to become a real Free Ranger. 

free ranger activities 2020

4x4 Safari Rangers (45 minutes) 

Take a drive on the wild side as you compete for your Bluestone driving licence. Will you get all four wheels round the course? 


skywalk mini

Rock Climb (1 hour) 

You’ll need strong arms and determination to conquer our rock climb wall. Luckily our instructors are on hand to help you along the way. 

Sky Trail (15 minutes) 

From above the Adventure Centre, navigate our course of challenges – just don’t look down. Serendome Star Catcher (1 hour) Scale the 11ft Star Catcher and ring the bell. Sounds simple but it’s harder than it looks! 

SkyWalk Mini (30 minutes) 

The smaller version of our mighty Sky Walk, the Sky Walk Mini is an assault course filled with exciting and unusual challenges. 

Wacky Racers (6+ years)

90 minutes

Get ready for Soap Box Racing - with a twist! Decorate your kart and hit the track with your team. All you have to do is get you and your kart over the finish line first!


Boy painting picture

Messy Mayhem (1 hour) 

Let’s get messy at this sensory class where you’ll get to experience a range of challenges. 


Secret Village (90 minutes) 

Join us on a magical adventure into the woods to discover the Secret Village and meet the Welsh hobbits and fairies who call it home. 

Tawny Tails (45 minutes) 

Get comfortable and listen to Tawny’s enchanting tale. The interactive puppet show is a favourite with young children, but all the family can enjoy the charm of the session. 

Seasonal Activities Bluestone’s year is split into five magical seasons, with tailored entertainment to fit the time of year. 


The Spectaculars (1 hour) 

Launching in 2020, the Spectaculars are Bluestone’s new entertainment extravaganza. Taking place at Serendome’s Cloud Theatre, the interactive shows blend different elements of theatre and performance to create a new style of storytelling. 

Each season has its own production and to discover what’s on when you visit simply search for “Spectacular” in Manage Your Booking. 

Seasonal Workshop (1 hour) 

Each season has its own workshop inspired by the time of year, where you can make a magical craft creation. Check Manage Your Booking to find out what session is available during your break. 

christmas 2019 activities

Rudolph Breakfast Barn (90 minutes) 

Join our Bluestone Elves at the Wildwood Cafe for a magical festive show and breakfast buffet, it’s the perfect start to a festive day! (Christmasland Only) 

Story Time With Santa (45 minutes) 

Spend quality time with Santa Claus in his workshop before and after Christmas and enjoy a festive story, while adults get a mince pie! Activity can be enjoyed by toddlers and babies, though some may struggle to keep up. (Christmasland Only) 

activities 2020 - kids

More To Explore

That’s not all you enjoy during your stay, with complimentary entry to the Blue Lagoon waterpark, Serendome and Adventure Centre – there’s so much to see and do! All our activity sessions for 2020 are now available to book via Manage Your Booking!

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