Activites and Entertainment in 2020: Children age 8 to 12

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It’s time to plan an adventure and in 2020, Bluestone is the best place to start yours! Head into the forest, up into the trees, out on the lake and let your imagination run wild as we help turn you into a Free Ranger warrior - all while making memories you’ll cherish forever. 

It can be hard to impress kids, but we think we’ve got something for even the fussiest customers. Here are our recommended activities for the 8 to 12 age group.


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Archery (8+ years) 

45 minutes 

Fancy becoming a master archer? Now you can! As long as you can hold the bow, we’ll let you in the arena and you never know – maybe you’ll hit the target. 

Family Raft Wars (8+ years) 

60 minutes 

Join the rest of your family out on the water for a very wet battle. Build a raft, complete challenges and come away as champion! 

Woodland Warriors (8+ years) 

90 minutes 

It’s like paint balling without the mess – or pain! Woodland Warriors is a series of thrilling laser combat games played in our woodland arena. Sky Wires (8+ years) 2 hours Sail through the trees and experience the closest thing to flying on our range of zip wires.  

Axe Throwing (10+ years) 

45 minutes 

From a basic axe up to a tomahawk, feel like a real warrior as you launch your weapon of choice at the target. 

Paddle boarding (10+ years) 

60 minutes 

You’ll have so much fun trying to stay on your feet, but you won’t mind falling in. 

Activities for 8 - 12 year olds

Coracle Racing (10+ years) 

60 minutes 

Jump in a Coracle and race across the lake, you’ll be surprised how quick you can move! 

High Ropes (10+ years)  

2 hours 

60ft above the ground, you’ll need to hold your nerve as you tackle a series of obstacles high up in the trees – just don’t look down. 

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Go Wild (4 – 12 years) 

2 hours 

Head into the forest, learn survival skills, challenge yourself and discover if you’ve got what it take to become a real Free Ranger.

Panning For Gold (5 – 12 years) 

45 minutes 

Join the gold rush at Camp Smokey as Smokey Joe helps you hunt for a little nugget of gold. With songs and silliness it’s a fun activity – where you even get to pocket your winnings! 

4 X 4 Safari Rangers (6 -10 years) 

45 minutes 

Take a drive on the wild side as you compete for your Bluestone driving licence. Will you get all four wheels round the course?


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Rock Climb (6+ years) 

1 hour 

You’ll need strong arms and determination to conquer our rock climb wall. Luckily our instructors are on hand to help you along the way. 

Sky Trail (6+ years) 

From above the Adventure Centre, navigate our course of challenges – just don’t look down. 

Star Catcher (6+ years) 

60 minutes 

Scale the 11ft Star Catcher tree and ring the bell. Sounds simple but it’s harder than it looks! 

Wacky Racers (6+ years)

90 minutes

Get ready for Soap Box Racing - with a twist! Decorate your kart and hit the track with your team. All you have to do is get you and your kart over the finish line first!

wacky racers

SkyWalk (8+ years) 

2 hours 

Built over a series of seven towers with 24 bespoke climbing stations, the Sky Walk is an assault course with a difference that you won’t find anywhere else! 

Children’s Games Night (4 – 12 years) 

2.5 hours 

Join the Free Rangers for a night of brilliant games, exciting puzzles and lots of fun and competition along the way!

Seasonal Activities 

Bluestone’s year is split into five magical seasons, with tailored entertainment to fit the time of year.  

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The Spectaculars (All Ages)

60 minutes

Launching in 2020, the Spectaculars are Bluestone’s new entertainment extravaganza.

Taking place at Serendome’s Cloud Theatre, the interactive shows blend different elements of theatre and performance to create a new style of storytelling.

Each season has its own production and to discover what’s on when you visit simply search for “Spectacular” in Manage Your Booking. 

Seasonal Workshop (All Ages) 

60 minutes

Each season has its own workshop inspired by the time of year, where you can make a magical craft creation. Check Manage Your Booking to find out what session is available during your break. 

More To Explore

That’s not all you enjoy during your stay, with complimentary entry to the Blue Lagoon waterpark, Serendome and Adventure Centre – there’s so much to see and do! All our activity sessions for 2020 are now available to book via Manage Your Booking!

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