All A Quiver For Robin Hood Filming In Pembrokeshire

Tomorrow, Ridley Scott’s version of Robin Hood goes on cinema release, and while anything by the man who helmed Alien, Blade Runner and Gladiator is eagerly anticipated by film fans, his latest offering is of particular interest to us Pembrokeshire types.

That’s because it was partly shot in the county, at one of our most beautiful beaches, Freshwater West, to be precise, about a half-hour’s drive from Bluestone.

Sir Ridley and his crew virtually took over the hinterland of Fresh West for most of last June in order to clothe and feed an army of several hundred extras – all recruited locally – and to stable some 150 horses.

A lengthy stretch of the B4319 west from Castlemartin was closed to traffic during the daytime to facilitate filming and farmers’ fields were opened to accommodate members of the public intent on star-spotting while witnessing the seemingly endless rehearsals of complicated battle scenes which form the climax of the film.

All the disruption to local residents did have compensations for the county’s economy however.

Universal are estimated to have spent £3.7 million in Pembrokeshire – with £1.5 million spent on accommodation for 500 of the crew, many of whom stayed at Bluestone.

Over a three week filming period, the film company hired 25 local minibuses to ferry cast and crew back and fore to the beach from their base a mile or so away up on the Angle road.

With the county hopefully getting a mention in the credits at the end of both this film and the next Harry Potter outing (also partly shot at Fresh West), the hope is that Pembrokeshire will star in more prestigious productions in the future.


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