Aqua Cycling At The Blue Lagoon Waterpark

By Kathryn Slade Blue Lagoon exterior

Getting plenty of exercise and eating the right food will do wonders for your body! I have been working hard to improve my fitness since the start of this year as part of my new year’s resolution for a new me!

Seven months in and I was starting to get a little bored of the same gym and walking routine. I decided to sign up for one of the new Aqua Cycling classes at our very own Blue Lagoon Waterpark! Two sessions are held every Thursday evening the first at 6pm for 30 minutes and the 2nd at 6:30pm. The pool is free of other swimmers at this time so there is no need to worry about onlookers!

I really wasn’t sure what to expect but I got changed into my swimming things and headed out into the pool area where I was met by Dave the friendly instructor. He was really enthusiastic and you could tell that he believed in the class. Dave supplied us with wetsuit style shoes and introduced us to our bikes! Dave helped us to adjust them to the correct height and resistance and then we wheeled them into the water which was surreal.

The group started off like any other spinning class with a light pedal to warm up the leg muscles. There were 5 in my session which was nice. We did lots of interval sprints and in and out of saddle pedal incorporated with arm exercises. I struggle with left and rights and am not very coordinated but I pedalled through!

In my head my legs were whizzing around like Victoria Pendleton’s but when I looked down they looked as if they were moving in slow motion! It was tougher than I thought, I will admit. Towards the end we did some sit ups and stomach crunches which were a lot easier than normal with the support of the water so that was a bonus.

After we finished I could tell that my legs had had an intense work out, the water offers 12 times more resistance than air so it really gets down to the muscle!  I pushed myself quite hard because I tend to dive in to new things but I felt really relaxed when I left and not like the sweaty mess that leaves the gym.
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Working out in the water is really easy on your joints, which is great for me as I struggle with my metatarsals, and it provides the same cardio benefits. It is also possible to burn 800+ calories in an hour if you are really serious. While you are in the water your heartbeat frequency is 10% lower than on land. Working out at a high intensity with a lower heart rate helps to improve your endurance! There are so many benefits that it definitely worth adding a splash to your exercise regime!

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