Baby Name Trends 1914 vs 2014

By Megan Tapper baby

Luna, Logan, Loki... what would you name your newborn baby? One thing’s for certain, there are always new babies being born - 2000 a day in the UK in fact. 

With each year that passes comes a new foray of cute, unusual and downright wacky baby names. With Ava and Noah topping the list of most popular baby names for the year so far, we take a look at the baby names that were popular 100 years ago and which names have shot to fame since hitting the silver screen... But be careful what you go for, as recent research shows 43 per cent of parents have had second thoughts about their child’s name and 19 per cent admit they don’t like it at all further down the line.

baby names

[Image provided courtesy of Bluestone Wales, specialist in UK Family and Adult breaks] 

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