Back to School...Already?

By Megan Tapper Back to school picture (Poppy)

Back to school, already?!

It’s that time of year again – another fantastic summer is slowly drawing to a close. The nights are drawing in and the prospect of Autumn is looming. We’re all hoping for a long Indian summer with warm days that last into September so we can keep our coats firmly at the back of the wardrobe.

Like most ‘grown-ups’, I work full-time all year long so September doesn’t fill me with same dread it did in bygone years. Remember this time of year when you were a kid and everywhere you went you saw those ominous three words: Back To School?

Back to School...sigh. It was everywhere! Written in large letters on the supermarket signs, in the newspapers and glaring at you from TV adverts. Time for mum to drag you away from the garden and off to the shops to get some new school shoes and a new school uniform - you’d somehow shot up a few inches in the summer. Ah, Back to School... back to yawning your way through morning maths classes, back to shivering through chilly outdoor PE lessons, back to the monotonous droning of the head teacher in assembly and those mind-numbing evenings doing homework. Are the memories flooding back?

Ok, so perhaps school wasn’t that bad. Yes, it’s hard work and you have to knuckle down and concentrate, but look on the bright side! It’s the start of a new term, you’ve gone up a year, there are fun new classmates and new teachers to get to know. You’re secretly happy to go back to your favourite subject – I wonder what we’ll read in English this year? I wonder what we’ll learn about in History?

It’s a chance to catch up with the friends you haven’t seen for weeks and tell them what you got up to over your six weeks of freedom; comparing tales of sun drenched holidays, fun and games on the beach and the cute year ten (year ten!) guy you met on holiday who was just so much cooler and more mature than the smelly boys in your class at school. Not to mention the geeky buzz you’d get from choosing a new pencil case and school bag! Plus, school finished around 3pm meaning there were still plenty of light evenings to enjoy.

I remember the way I’d look at grown-ups in sheer disbelief when they’d say: “I’d love to be back at school!’ and “school days were so much fun” and “I’d rather be at school than at work – make the most of it!” but I suppose in a way they did have a point!

My advice? Smile! No matter if it’s summer or winter, whether you’re on holiday with family, enjoying the summer sun with friends, working hard at your desk or studying at school, there’s always some fun to be had if you look on the bright side of life.




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