Back to School Tips

By Kristina Gore Children building sandcastles at the beach

It’s that time of year when retailers have us all in a flurry about the kids going back to school. Whilst it can be a stressful time for parents, it can also be a nerve-racking time for kids. 

Here are our top tips to ease the transition from the summer holidays to the school classroom:  

1. Start the routine early 

A tired child is an emotional child. If you can, try to establish the bedtime and morning routine a few days before they go back to school. That way, their body clock should have time to adjust and they’ll start their first day on a full night’s sleep. 

2. Place a note in their lunch box

A little reminder of Mum or Dad can be comforting for an anxious child. If your little one is too young to read alone, try adding a sketch or a photograph instead. 

3. Make sure you’re up first

Try and get up in plenty of time to get yourself ready first. It’s much easier to focus on your little one when you’re not having to multi-task. The calmer you are in the morning, the more assuring it will be for them. 

4. Plan their day

Plan your child’s first day back, with them. Talk about how they’ll get ready in the morning, what they’ll have for lunch and what they’ll do when they get home. Things are usually less scary when they know what to expect and the planning should help them to feel more in control. 

5. Only put in their lunch box what you KNOW they will eat

Lunch can be one thing that stays familiar for them. Stick to foods that you know they enjoy. How much they eat will be a good indication of how anxious they were feeling at lunchtime. 

6. Organise their wardrobe 

Avoid a last minute morning panic by rearranging their wardrobe. School uniform should be kept together and be as easily accessible as possible.  

7. Meet the teacher 

Take advantage of any opportunity to meet your child’s teacher. It will be reassuring for you but also your child if you can build a rapport with them. 

8. Help them see past their first day 

Remind them of weekend plans and that October half term is just around the corner! 

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