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When you stay at Bluestone for Christmasland it’s not just the Elves who you can meet! There’s a very special guest who would like to extend an invitation to his magical workshop. That’s right it’s Father Christmas himself! If you have been before you’ll know that this magical activity centers on the telling of a special Christmas story.

For this year, the tale is of Dasher, the fastest reindeer in the entire kingdom. Being so super fast and the fastest at everything he feels he has no friends, because they can’t keep up.  Feeling lonely and sad Dasher bottles up his feelings and doesn’t tell anyone, deciding instead to break into the reindeer dust workshop and use some magic flying dust. If the other reindeer see him fly maybe then they’ll be his friends.

On Dasher Cover

It goes badly wrong and he destroys the workshop with his speed, getting shiny gold antlers and hooves in the process. Feeling more upset he finally talks to Santa and opens up about his feelings, Santa tells him to slow down to see what’s actually around him and he sees his friends have made him a special t-shirt filled with special messages. Now all Dasher has to do if he feels lonely or sad is look at his top to know that his family and friends will always be there, and with his super speed he was asked by Santa to be the first reindeer to pull the sleigh.

Santas Workshop

After the story there’s an extra treat in store as Father Christmas reveals a very special friend who the children will get to take home with them. A super soft and cuddly Dasher complete with golden antlers and hooves. These will be gifted to the children by Father Christmas in turn when they get a chance to share their wishes and hopes for the special day.  

Santa and his elf will then invite everyone to take their places at the craft workbenches; where they will find their very own t-shirt for Dasher with pens. Santa will give them their very own Dasher to look after them and on the t-shirts they will be asked to draw things that remind them of the things they love. So that when they are home and if they feel a little down - they can give Dasher a big squeeze and look at their drawings. It will remind them to slow down, be calm, feel safe, be less worried and most importantly talk to those they love! 


This workshop will enable the parents/ guardians to use Dashers tale as a way of helping the children understand the importance of communication and to use Dasher as a method to remind them and facilitate a conversation.

We really hope you enjoy Santa’s Workshop this year! Remember you can pick up your very own copy of “On Dasher!” so that you can retell the magical tale at home on Christmas Eve when you tuck your little ones in to bed. Head to the Adventure Centre or the Emporium, in the centre of the Bluestone Village, to purchase your copy.

If you haven't booked your visit to Santa's Workshop there are still some spaces available, click here to log in to Manage your Booking and secure your spot!  

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