Best beaches near Bluestone

Tenby beach

Nothing sums up the perfect summer holiday more than a family trip to the beach - and Pembrokeshire is home to some of the very best in the UK.

Just a short drive from Bluestone you’ll find never ending stretches of sandy heaven, secret coves full of surprises and endless adventures in rockpools buzzing with colourful mini-beasts.

Here’s our guide to some of the best beaches to explore this summer on your next trip to Wales.

Best for families

Broad Haven beach

The wide open sands of Broad Haven are only a short drive from Bluestone - great for games on the beach and long, lazy walks.

It’s well serviced by amenities so you’ll find plenty of places to refuel (including Pembrokeshire’s famous ice cream) plus a popular beachside restaurant where you can enjoy watching trawler boats floating about on the horizon.

There is a surf shop on the south side of the beach where you can hire surfboards, paddleboards or kayaks. The rockpools on both edges of the beach are lots of fun for the little ones - but be sure to keep an eye on them.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 18
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for rock pools

Rocks at the beach

Take your pick! You’ll find lots of Pembrokeshire beaches are bookended by rock pools just waiting to be explored.

We like Little Haven - not far from Broad Haven and a little more secluded with some great rock pools to enjoy crabbing in. As it’s only a small bay this one can get busy during peak periods of holiday season so visit bright and breezy or later in the evening to enjoy it at its secluded best.

For more options be sure to check out our full guide to rockpooling in Pembrokeshire.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 17
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for fish and chips and ice cream

Saundersfoot beach

As the locals will reliably inform you, not much beats pitching up in Saundersfoot on a lazy sunny afternoon for fish and chips after a stroll around the harbour. The beach itself is a pretty little cove in the quaint seaside town of Saundersfoot which is buzzing with activity on a summer’s day.

If you want to earn your fish and chips, try the coastline walks first - rich in green countryside and spectacular views with plenty of picnic stops along the way.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 22
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for water sports

Whitesands Bay

If you’re willing to make the slightly longer trip west to Whitesands you’ll be well rewarded.

The wide expanse of fine white sand curves towards the remote rocky headland of St Davids Head and out at sea is some of the best surf in the UK. It’s easy to park with lots of lifeguards and well-equipped for activities. You’ll easily be able to hire canoes, kayaks, bodyboards and surf boards.

For the thrillseekers, Whitesands and nearby St David’s is a great place to try coasteering for the first time. Coasteering is the slightly madcap practice of scrambling across rocks, swimming between and jumping off cliffs in order to navigate the coastline. TYF, based in St Davids, invented the sport and are a good place to start.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 28
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for toddlers

Aerial view of Tenby

Only 12 miles from Bluestone is the small but perfectly packaged town of Tenby - one of the jewels in the Pembrokeshire crown.

It’s a long time since we could call Tenby one of our little secrets and the seaside resort is bustling with tourists - particularly in the summer. That’s not eroded any of its becalming beauty though and a trip to Tenby should be at the top of everyone’s Pembrokeshire summer bucket list.

If you're holidaying with toddlers in tow, Tenby is well set up for young families. There’s lots of parking to make it nice and easy to visit and the beaches are big enough so you have plenty of space and small enough to keep an eye on everyone! If you stick to the smaller beach to the north then the town is never far from reach - it’s well-stocked with places to eat, drink, shop and get supplies.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 12
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for watching the sun go down

Tenby at sunset

We’re going to stick in Tenby and go for a stroll to the South beach where you can find a lovely enclosed area between the dunes. It’s perfect for a day of sunbathing but equally special for an evening barbecue while watching the sunset.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 12
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

Best for teenagers

Barafundle Beach

Barafundle beach has become the stuff of legend in recent years, mostly thanks to looking like a tropical beach on a paradise island hidden away on Pembrokeshire’s south coast.

It’s not easy to get to - you’ll need to invoke the spirit of Indiana Jones and navigate a short but stunning trek through forest and over a lake before you arrive at Barafundle's golden sands.

It’s probably best not to try making the journey with pushchairs, though the beach itself is well-suited to small children.

Savour the breathtaking moment you arrive - it’ll take the breath of even the most hard to impress of teenagers.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 17
  • Parking: Yes - but half a mile walk away
  • Toilets: No

Best for exploring

Amroth beach

Amroth beach stretches the whole length of the south coast village and has as an extremely low tide from which you can still see the Petrified Forest hidden beneath the water; destroyed when sea levels rose 7,000 years ago.

Explorers will be interested to know fossilised antlers, nuts, animal bones and Neolithic flints have all been discovered here over the years. You can spot the remains of mines and tramways as well as the ruins of Amroth Castle - which provides a great backdrop for budding photographers.

  • Miles from Bluestone: 10
  • Parking: Yes
  • Toilets: Yes

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