Blue Flag Beaches In Pembrokeshire

By Harriet Scoot Tenby South Beach

On 16th May, the list of beaches which have been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag Award were announced for 2016.

So what exactly is a Blue Flag?

The Blue Flags are a sign that the beach or marina has been certified as an extremely clean area with high environmental standards, and a serious commitment to both people and the environment. They are awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), which is a non profit, worldwide organisation which promotes sustainable development.

How do you get one?

The FEE work closely with local authorities, in our case they liase with Keep Wales Tidy, in order to assess the requirements for the beaches within that area. There are 32 requirements that have to be met in order to be awarded the Blue Flag; here are the main ones that are looked at;

  • Cleanliness; the amount of litter around the beach and the quality of the sea water, the water needs to be visibly clear, with no pollution such as oil or sewage (yuck – you wouldn’t want to swim in that!) and *technical bit!* also needs to pass a microbiological test to prove there’s no bacteria in the water so it’s safe to swim in.

  • Facilities; if there are toilets, fresh drinking water and life guards to keep you safe.

  • Information; maps of the beach and surrounding areas, local history and facts about the beach, and evidence of the water quality tests.

Once you’ve been awarded your Blue Flag (yiippeee!), you need to keep up the high standards as they are reassessed every year, and they don’t hesitate to take it away again. So if a beach has held a Blue Flag for lots of years, that’s a brilliant sign!

Where are they?

There are 169 Blue Flag Beaches in the UK and Ireland. 44 of them are in Wales and 5 of these have been awarded this year!

Pembrokeshire has earned 12 Blue Flags in 2016; we’re now joint record breakers with Devon for the most in one county, well done us!

Here’s the full list of Pembrokeshire Blue Flag Beaches;
Dale Beach

This beach is around 22 miles from Bluestone, and has toilets and parking. It’s on the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path, and the sheltered nature of the beach makes it the perfect place to stop for a picnic!

Amroth Beach

Amroth beach is 10 miles away from us, and is located in the beautiful village of Amroth, in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. This is a perfect beach to visit for a family day out, and you may even see a 7000 year old petrified forest if you time it right!

Amroth Beach 

Broad Haven South Beach

This is one of two Broad Haven beaches and is 18 miles away from Bluestone. It has both parking and toilet facilities. If you’re lucky, you may get to see bottlenose dolphins, basking sharks and a whole host of different birds!

Broad Haven South Beach 

Coppet Hall beach, Saundersfoot

Treat your children (or yourselves!) to a magical adventure at Coppet Hall Beach, running through the tunnel to leave behind the sandy beaches and find yourselves on a rocky shore. You’ll even be completing a section of the Pembrokeshire National Park Coastal Footpath! This is 10 miles from Bluestone, and has parking and toilets.

Coppit Hall Beach 

Saundersfoot Beach

After a 10 mile drive, amble along Saundersfoot beach, and why not take a picnic or even treat yourself to an ice cream from along the seafront! Toilets, cafes and parking can all be found here.

Saundersfoot Beach 

Tenby Castle Beach

This can be accessed via the harbour or down some very steep steps, but is worth it when you get to the bottom! It can disappear in high tide, but the sandy beach is definitely worthy of its Blue Flag. With ample parking, cafes, pubs, toilets and lifeguards and only 12 miles from Bluestone, add a visit to Tenby Castle Beach to the list of things that must be done when in Tenby!

Tenby North Beach & Harbour

Tenby North beach is second out of 4 Blue Flag beaches in Tenby for 2016, and this one is commonly known as ‘The Jewel in the Crown’ of the Pembrokeshire Coast. It’s a sandy beach, perfect for playing family beach games, sunbathing or swimming. You might also find an ice cream van parked right on the sand! It’s 12 miles from Bluestone, and there’s parking, refreshments and toilets.

Tenby North Beach 

Tenby South Beach

Similarly to the North beach, Tenby South beach is perfect to play games, sunbath and as it is more exposed, it also makes a great surfing and angling spot (but probably not at the same time!) It’s also 12 miles from Bluestone, and with toilets, parking and refreshments available.

South Beach Tenby 

Lydstep Beach

Lydstep beach is inbetween the towns of Tenby and Manorbier. There’s an activity centre on the beach, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can hire Jet Ski’s and kayaks and explore the sea – it is the Year of Adventure after all! It’s 15 miles from Bluestone, and with parking nearby. It’s only 4 miles from Tenby so we’d recommend popping there for drinks and snacks!

Lydstep Beach 

Whitesands Bay Beach

At 28 miles away, Whitesands is the furthest away from Bluestone than the other Blue Flag Beaches, but is still well worth a visit! There are toilets, parking and refreshments so make a day of it and explore St Davids while you’re there. St Davids is also the home of Coasteering, as well as having a whole host of other water sports available. If that isn’t your cup of tea, (but we do recommend trying to Find Your Epic!), there’s beautiful scenery to walk around and of course, the traditional seaside activities on the pale gold sandy beach such as making sandcastles and paddling in the sea.

Whitesands Bay Beach 

Newgale Beach

Newgale beach has golden sand as well as a pebble bank, it’s great for families but can get breezy due to its location – however this makes it a perfect surfing, wind surfing  and kite surfing spot! There are also breathtaking views of the Pembrokeshire Islands, including Skomer and Ramsey. It’s 18 miles away from Bluestone, with parking, toilets and a choice of cafes.

Newgale Beach 

Poppit Sands

Poppit Sands is one of the new beaches to receive it’s Blue Flag status in 2016. It’s 29 miles away from Bluestone, and there’s parking and toilet facilities. It’s a great beach to visit for a family day out, although when the tide comes in there’s no beach left to play cricket, football or make sandcastles on! Poppit Sands can also be either the start or finishing point for the 180 mile Pembrokeshire Coastal Path walk!

Poppit Sands Beach 

So that’s it, all of the Blue Flag Beaches that have been awarded in Pembrokeshire for 2016. Let’s hope the we can all work together to keep the high standards and all of our Blue Flags, and maybe even add more to the list for 2017!

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