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Bluestone is home to Free Range Fun and over 100 activities! We have some very exciting plans for 2017 and wanted to give you a sneak peak as to what you can enjoy as the seasons change.

Bluestone Illuminated

Join us between January 2nd and March 30th 2017 for Bluestone Illuminated.

The Light Thingy

If you go down to the nature trail today you’re sure of a great surprise! On your walk you’ll head down a willow tunnel and immerge in another world on the nature trail. A world that’s home to giant snails, huge beetles, and a community of very shy fairies.

Light Thingy Branding 


Join us for a tea party like no other and experience Wonderland, a fabulous culinary cabaret! With the Hatter, Hare, Alice, games, singing and dancing, you’re in for a fun filled interactive family treat. Be sure to eat up your food and watch out for the Queen of tarts, but be quick... you’re awfully late!


Shadow Puppet Theatres

Calling all Heroes, we need you! Learn the secrets of how to be a sleep hero and use that left over energy to become one of the guardians of the sun. It’s an important job as they help to make the sun rise and bring in the new day!

Shadow Puppet Theatres 


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A Taste of Pembrokeshire

Join us between March 31st and June 29th 2017 and experience a Taste of Pembrokeshire!

The Black Bart Dinner Show

Set in the Wild Wood restaurant experience a culinary cabaret like no other. With a whole host of games, shanties and dancing join Black Bart and his crew for a swashbuckling interactive dinner show, fun for the whole family. Experience the real life legend of the famous Pembrokeshire Pirate.

Black Bart Dinner Show 

Farmhouse Fun with Hayley Bales

A finger-licking feast filled with farmhouse fun! Join Hayley Bale and Sunny the Scarecrow and enjoy an interactive and educational show whilst you eat.

With our taste platter of seasonal fruit and vegetables, take on the “Crunch-o-metre” challenge, encouraging your little ones to try something new in a fun way.

Children will learn the importance of farms and where our food and drink comes from through songs, dance and puppetry. It’s perfect Free Range Fun for the under 5’s.

Hayley Bales 

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Summer Festival

Join us between the 30th of June and July the 21st 2017 to uncover the secrets of the legend of of our Summer Festival and the Green Man Parade!

Green Man 

The Green Man Dinner Show

Set in the Wild Wood restaurant enjoy a festival feast like no other. Join the Green Man and the Wild Things for a playful collision of the inspiring and unexpected in an interactive dinner show, fun for all ages. Witness the wow, experience the wonder!

Green Man Dinner Show 

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From September 4th until the 30th of October 2017 our resort will be transformed for Bwbach!


The (Really...Not So Scary) Scarecrow Dinner Show

Set in the Wild Wood restaurant experience a heart warming harvest like no other. Make friends with the lonely and loveable scarecrow and join in with songs and games from the pumpkin people. There’s fun for the whole family in this interactive dinner show.

Scarecrow Dinner Show 

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Christmasland returns to Bluestone between November the 6th 2017 and January 7th 2018!

Kingdom of the Elves

Join the cheeky Elves in the magical world of Elftopia for a brand new magical Kingdom of the Elves adventure!  


Beauty and the Beast

Join us in the village hall for our Beauty and the Beast fun sized Christmas pantomime and experience this truly magical tale as it is brought to life before your very eyes. Our hour-long professional performance follows the tale of Beauty and the Beast and their growing friendship! 

Beauty and the Beast 2017 Panto 

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With luxury accommodation that caters for up to 14 people there’s room for the whole family, so why not come to Pembrokeshire together. There are so many activities to enjoy; you’re sure to find something that suits every individual.

As a Bluestone guest you’ll also get complimentary use of the Blue Lagoon Water Park and the indoor Adventure Centre. Plus with over 50 beaches and lots more in the county, there is plenty of exploring to be done!

Catch up on lost time and make memories that will last forever. What are you waiting for? Start planning your Pembrokeshire adventure today!

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If you go down to the nature trail today you’re sure of a great surprise!