Bluestone Buggy Competition

By Kerry Curson Bluestone

When you know that you’re expecting a baby there’s such a myriad of thoughts and To Do lists that whir around in your mind, pretty much from the moment of conception and probably then throughout parenthood, but pregnancy is the time where everything is to be anticipated and all is unknown. How many nappies should you buy in advance? What colour should you paint the bedroom? What would be the best nappy bag to keep within your own personal taste, yet keep you prepped and mummy/daddy organised? Then there’s the buggy to consider! Is it best to get a good looking vintage that isn’t all that practical, or a sporty little number with all the bells and whistles?!

Well here at Bluestone we’ve tried to take a little bit of the decision making struggle away from one lucky winner with this month’s competition. Don’t miss the chance to win your very own Out 'N' About Sport V4 buggy in Raven Black. We like to think that we’ve chosen something both stylish and functional, and of course only the best quality. The Out ‘N’ About buggy has been shortlisted for a long list of awards including ‘Best Running Buggy’ from Men’s Running Magazine and ‘Best Pushchair’ from Mother and Baby magazine. The reviews have been incredible with Mother and Baby’s review being our favourite...

‘Mother & Baby Big Test on 3-wheelers. Mother & Baby have road tested 6 of the top 3-wheeler buggies to find out which one suited them best, giving the Out'n'About Nipper Single an overall winning score of 5 out of 5.

All three testers gave top scores to the Out'n'About Nipper Single. The editor’s verdict said,

"Larger wheels and excellent suspension make this a proper off-roader, but with the refinement needed for about town use. It's robust and comfortable, yet not too heavy. An outstanding all-round performance meant that all three of our reviewers rated this is their favourite."

Jason Goodwin, one of the reviewers on the panel, commented, "I love this! It's a solid, comfortable ride that's suitable for all terrains. It steers like a dream too. It was brilliant when Freddie's mum took him over wet and bumpy fields - we've never seen him so content and comfortable."’

Based on the responses, this had to be the buggy for our competition. To enter our prize draw you simply need to click through to and type in your details to be entered into the prize draw. It’s that easy.


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