Bluestone has been seized!

By Black Bart Pirates

Ahoy, Mateys! Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Black Bart; famous Pembrokeshire Pirate and Captain of Bluestone’s brand new Legends of the Sea Festival. 

From 23rd March until the 28th June 2018, I’ll be commandeering Bluestone’s seasonal activities and ensuring that all Crew are shipshape and having lots of Free Range Fun! 

This Spring I’m looking for a special Crew who, on the last night of their stay will join my Pirate Parade as we voyage from the Adventure Centre and navigate down to the village to discover the Legends of the Sea Festival. Our parade will be full of music, dancing, games and fun! 

My Crew must be:

Ready for adventure.

Imaginative and brave. 

Prepared to party like a Pirate! 

Get creative with sea themed craft workshops. Dance along at the fun filled pirate parade and experience the excitement of a pirate themed dinner show full of shipwreck sing-a-longs, galleon games and pirate tales. Keep an eye out for more sea related blog posts too!

Think you have what it takes to join my Crew this Spring? Book your Legends of the Sea Break and let’s set sail!