Bluestone Rocks

By Kristina Gore Painted Pebble

Spotted any painted pebbles on your travels recently? 

In case you haven't noticed on social media, there's a huge new trend of painting rocks and then hiding them outdoors to surprise and delight other adventurers. As well as hiding their own creations, those in the know can also look out for special stones that have been hidden by fellow rock-painting fanatics. 

Sounds like a lot of Free Range Fun, right? We certainly think so. That's why with the help of the wonderful Family days. Tried and Tested. we've started our very own game of Bluestone Rocks!  

Family days. Tried and Tested.  have kick-started the fun this week by painting and hiding 150 beautiful Bluestone Rocks around our resort. Guests are invited to find them, post a picture using #BluestoneRocks and then re-hide them around Bluestone or Pembrokeshire for other guests to find. 

Painted Pebble Owls

To keep the activity moving we need to continue making and hiding Bluestone Rocks, so we're relying on our guests' creativity and their love of the great outdoors to make this project a success! 

Guests are invited to bring a stone from home, paint one whilst they’re at Bluestone or even create their own Bluestone Rock in one of our new Ranger activities - "Nature Art". Once they’ve hidden their Bluestone Rock, guests can see how many others find it and how far it travels around Pembrokeshire by keeping an eye on Bluestone’s social media. 

Painted Pebble Lake

Here’s how to help Bluestone to spread Free Range Fun in our new game of Bluestone Rocks! 

The aim of the game is to brighten others’ days by painting rocks and hiding them for other guests to find. Don’t forget to write #BluestoneRocks on the bottom of your stone and keep a look out for other Bluestone Rocks during your adventures around Bluestone and Pembrokeshire! 

Painted Pebble House

If you find a Bluestone Rock:

  • Take a photo with it
  • Post it to Facebook or Twitter using #BluestoneRocks
  • Rehide it for someone else to find

How many Bluestone Rocks will you find? 

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