Bonfire Night at Bluestone 2017

By Kristina Gore Bwbach Parade

Remember, remember the 5th of November. This year, Bonfire Night at Bluestone is going to be pretty unforgettable! With so much to tell you, we’d better get started. 

We present your Bluestone itinerary for Bonfire Night 2017. 

7.00pm - Pumpkin Parade

The fun will begin at our Adventure Centre where our Pumpkin Parade will start. Led by our 11ft Scarecrow – Hayden; guests will dance and cheer their way through our resort before arriving in style at the Bwbach Festival. 

7.15pm - Bwbach Festival

On your marks... Get set... Go to the Bwbach Festival! There’ll be Pumpkin Racing, Party Games and Free Range Festivities for the whole family. 

7.45pm - Illumination of the Bwbach 

Throughout the year, our guests have been adding to a willow scarecrow sculpture in preparation for November 5th. The illumination of the Bwbach is Bluestone’s modern day celebration of “Samhain” meaning “summer’s end”. It celebrates the first day of winter and the end of the pastoral year, when the nights become longer and the year begins again with it’s dark winter half. 

8.00pm - Fireworks & Live Music 

Like any good Bonfire Night, festivities will peak with a beautiful firework display and live music to boot. There’ll be a vibrant family atmosphere, beautiful surroundings and ample opportunities for making family memories that’ll last a lifetime. 

Optional Extras

Scarecrow Dinner Show

Get into the Bwbach spirit at our Scarecrow Dinner Show. It’s really not so scary and takes place at our Adventure Centre right before the Pumpkin Parade! 

Pumpkin Lantern Workshop 

Make your own pumpkin lantern in our Pumpkin Lantern Workshop. You can show off your boo-tiful creation as you proudly carry it along during our Pumpkin Parade. 

Pumpkin Racers Workshop 

Create your own Pumpkin Racer, all ready for the Great Pumpkin Race at our Bwbach Festival. See if your personalised pumpkin can beat the others and be the first across the finish line. 

Can’t make it for Bonfire Night? 

There’s no need to miss out! We’ll be celebrating our Pumpkin Parade and Bwbach Festival throughout every break in October 2017. 

Autumn Breaks