Bwbach Card Game

By Kristina Gore Bwbach card game

Before you can play

• Visit each Scarecrow on the resort to discover the missing value of each category on the cards. Remember to take a pen with you so you can fill the numbers in as you go.

• Cut out your cards and you're ready to play!

Card Game

Set up 

• Without peeking, shuffle the cards and deal the deck between 2 players. There are 11 cards all together so give the extra one to the youngest player. 

• Players are only permitted to look at one card at any time; the rest of their cards must be placed in a downward facing pile in front of them. 

Game Play 

• Each player takes the top card from their own deck.

• Player 1 will choose a category on their card that they think will be higher than their competitors and call out the value. 

• Player 2 will then call the value of the same category on their card.

• The player who calls the highest number for that category will win that round and takes possession of the other person’s card. The winning player will then put both cards to the bottom of their own deck.

• The winning player of the last round will call the next category. 



The winner is the person who possesses all of the cards when the other player is left with none.


• The player who isn’t the dealer will start the game by calling the first category.

• If two cards have an equal number when the value is called, both players will place their card in the middle of the table. It will now be the other player’s turn to call a category from their next card. The winner of this round will collect the cards from the table as well as the other player’s card. 

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