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As you turn the pages of glossy travel magazines and scroll the screens of the wide array of websites and blogs all touting the best destinations for couples, it’s easy to see how we become fixated with the perfect getaway in a snap shot of mental images; you and your loved one strolling the beach hand in hand, laughing over expensive cocktails and relaxing slathered in oil under the hot sun.

Yes, we would all love to live this ideal, but the reality is that many couples are drawn to one another through their differences as much as their similarities. This in turn, often means that each partner’s ideal holiday is something different. Many men don’t actually enjoy sunbathing, nor do some women for that matter.

Askmen website recently published an article all about how high the statistics are for couples arguing during their break and all throughout the booking process. Many popular resorts both nationally and internationally cater for a united taste among two people and this perhaps, is where the dreaded compromise comes into play - when the all important choice on where to holiday is being made.

There is however, a new hybrid resort right here on your door step that promises to cater for the most obscure of tastes – no compromise needed. The Bluestone luxury resort is set on the stunningly beautiful coast of West Wales just a few miles down the road from idyllic sandy beaches that have hosted the filming of more than one Hollywood movie.

Nestled nicely into the Pembrokeshire countryside, Bluestone boasts views of the picturesque Preseli Mountains, and there is no chance of boredom setting in – therefore minimizing the possibilities of a disagreement. The resort boasts adrenaline pumping activities like tree top zip wires, indoor climbing walls and a high ropes course for the wilder adventurers.

There’s the luxury Well Spa Retreat for some quality couples relaxation and rejuvenation. There are five restaurants to choose from, so you can have a change every night if you wanted to, and there are walks and cycles in abundance as the resort offers 500 acres of rolling National Park Countryside. With the unadulterated plethora of culture and activities that this place has to offer -couples will be creating their new perfection in no time.

The resort is also designed with the British weather in mind, so if you are unlucky enough to experience rain – there is always an equal alternative to the outdoor activities that are on offer. The rain can be enjoyed at a safe, dry distance at Camp Smokey, a forest diner that allows you to enjoy the woodland surrounding around a camp fire, snug and warm.

The village pub is another cosy place to while away the afternoon with great food and no doubt even better company and the bakery’s coffee is unbeatable. It's for this reason that couples love a  Bluestone break. If you've yet to book your first romantic break at Bluestone you can keep up to date by subscribing to our newsletter.

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