Crabbing At Solva Harbour

By Kathryn Slade Solva harbour slipway

A few miles from St David’s and 22 miles from Bluestone is the picturesque harbor village of Solva.

With a beautiful High Street with cafes, craft shops and galleries it is a must visit in Pembrokeshire.

Solva main street

The harbour wall is a brilliant place to go crabbing. Never been before? Then here is how to do it!

  • Find a suitable spot on the harbour wall. No need for a hook just tie on some bacon (crabs love the rind best) tinned sardines or any fish offcuts to the lines that you can buy in the coffee shop above the Harbour Masters Office.

  • Drop your line in the water and wait. About 5 minutes should do it but after a few minutes I’m sure there will be crabs galore!

  • Try raising your line, it should feel a little heavier, and watch. Clustered to your now half eaten bait, there should be a few happy crabs munching away.

  • If you want to keep your crabs in a bucket for a while to look at, make sure you only put a few in at a time. They don’t like crowds and can become quite cross.

  • Make sure you place your bucket in the shade, crabs are not accustomed bright sunlight and don’t carry sun tan lotion.

  • After you’ve observed their antics, carefully place them back into the water.

They are not edible so please don’t try them on the barbeque. Let them go back home.

Solva harbour aerial view

Finding Solva Harbour

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