Craft Ideas For Creative Children

craft activities for creative children

At Bluestone we love getting crafty and creative with our guests at our seasonal workshops. Until we can welcome you back again, here’s some craft activities you can do at home to keep the Free Range spirit alive. Remember the key ingredients to great crafting is – lots of fun, lots of imagination and the wackier, the better!

Toilet Roll Rockets 

There’s been a lot of chatter about toilet roll recently, but we’re more interested in the empty ones! This craft is inspired by our Winter Lights season, where we blasted off to explore the cosmos in our Serendome Spectacular – S T A R C H I T E C T S. Now you can make your own rocket using those leftover toilet rolls.

rocket craft activities 

What you need: 

- Toilet Roll tube (As many as you like) 

- 3 sheets of paper, coloured if available 

- Coloured tissue paper, coloured wool 

- Paints, paper, stickers 

– anything you want to decorate with

- Scissors

- sticky tape, glue 

- A ruler 


1. Using one of the sheets of paper, wrap the toilet roll once. Trim the paper so it matches the length of the tube. 

2. Take another piece of paper and cut a circle with a 24cm diameter to make the nose cone. Mark the centre with a pen or pencil and make one cut from the outside to the centre point (it should 12cm). You can now wrap the circle over itself to create a cone. 

3. Stick the cone on top of the toilet roll. The rocket should be taking shape now! 

4. Next, cut three small circles and stick them on the side of the toilet roll in a line – these are the windows. 

5. After that cut two small triangles and stick them to either side at the base of the toilet roll rocket – creating the wings.  

6. Now you can really make your rocket your own and decorate it with whatever you like. Glitter, stickers, leaves, twigs – it’s all up to you! 

7. For the final touch, if you have some coloured tissue paper or wool tear up strips measuring around 10cm and stick them inside the bottom of the toilet roll so that they trail out the bottom and boom you’ve got your smoke trail!  

Caterpillar Racers 

This is a fun craft and activity all in one and something kids will love to play again and again. We love creepy crawlies at Bluestone, so this is one of our favourites.

caterpillar racers - craft activities

What you need: 

- A4 Piece of white card or thick paper (one for each person) 

- Crayons, paints, colouring pencils 

- Scissors 

- Paper Straws 


1. First take the A4 sheet of paper and cut off long strips, at least 7cm width.  

2. Fold it in half once and then in on itself again. You then need to keep folding until you get it down to being around 3cm in width. 

3. Keeping the piece of paper folded, take the scissors and cut the square corners of both ends to create a nice rounded shape. 

4. Unfold the paper and you should see the start of your caterpillar take shape, creating an arch.  

5. Time to decorate and give your caterpillar your own creative touch. Make sure they’re as individual and colourful as possible. 

6. Time to map out the racetrack. It’s best on a hard floor or a table if there’s enough room. Mark out a start line and finish line either with masking tape or if you don’t have any, just use a leftover strip of paper to mark the beginning and end of the race. 

7. Next each competitor places their caterpillar on the start line and is given a straw. 

The aim of the game is to blow your caterpillar over the finishing line and win the race! Good Luck!  

Here's a handy video to help you with your craft:

Jellyfish Paper Plate Art

Pembrokeshire has 183-miles of beautiful coastline and there you’ll find lots of creatures living above and below the waves. While we don’t advise you to approach any jellyfish on the beaches, they have inspired one very colourful craft activity. 

jellyfish paper plate activity

What you need: 

- Paper plate or, white card or paper

- One piece of white card or paper

- Paints, glitter, pens – anything to decorate with! 

- Ribbons, wool, string, feathers, 

- Scissors Glue or sticky tape


1. Start with your paper plate and cut it in half. Make sure the edge is a bit wobbly, just like a jellyfish. If you don’t have a paper plate cut a half circle out of a piece of card with a 10cm radius. 

2. Once that’s done, it’s time to get messy! Paint, glitter, stickers – you can use them all to create your colourful jellyfish body. 

3. Leave your jellyfish body to dry and get working on the tentacles. Cut strips of coloured paper, ribbons, string or anything you can find. Cut one strip shorter than the others and put it to one side. 

4. Once the body is dry turn it over and take the strips you’ve created for the tentacles and stick to the bottom of the card, letting them flow beneath. Take the shorter strip you set aside earlier and fold it over to create a loop and stick it to the top of the body – this will be how you hang your jellyfish up. 

5. The finish touches! Finally, cut two white circles out of the paper or card and colour them in to create the eyes. Turn your jellyfish body back over and stick these onto the body. 

 Now you’ve got one very colourful underwater friend! 

Here's a demo of how it should look:

Story Stones

We love story stones and use them all the time on resort. They’re not only fun to make, but a great way to promote creativity and story telling at the same time. The great thing about story stones is after the crafty bit – you can keep using them! 

story stones

What you need:

- Six to 12 pebbles or round stones – as many as you like

Remember! Try not to take them from parks or beaches (you’ll get in trouble) but you might find them in your own garden or even craft shops.  

- Paints, chalk, stickers, drawings


1. Decorate your story stones with different pictures. They can be people, animals, places numbers or symbols. They can follow a certain theme – like woodland animals or maybe mythical creatures? Or be a mixture. 

2. Once decorated leave them to dry and you can start playing. 

3. Use them to create your own stories! 

There’s lots of ways to do this like mix them up and placing them face down in a row. You then take it in turns to turn over them over, with each reveal inspiring the next part of the story. You can make it as complicated or simple as you want! Write a script for your story, create costumes and what about creating a home theatre to perform your new tale? 

Fairy Jars 

This craft is one that will help you spread a little magic! Bluestone, as everyone knows, is home to lots of magical fairies, but sometimes they venture out of the resort to spread their magic. If a Fairy Jar glows, it means there’s someone very magical close by! 

fairy jars - craft activities

What you need: 

- A clear jar with screw lid 

- Glitter, paints, feathers stickers 

- Ribbons, material 

- Glow sticks/Battery operated LED string lights/Glow in the dark paint 

- Glue/Sticky tape 


Depending on what glowing element you have, this needs to be added to the jar first. 

Glow sticks: 

1. As the glow sticks only work for a limit period, you will want to first decorate your jar. 

2. Take the glitter, paints and feathers and decorate the outside of the jar, making sure there’s enough space on the glass to see through. 

3. Next take the ribbons and material and wrap around the lid of the jar, securing with an elastic band or sticky tape. 

4. Just before bed – take three or four glow sticks and snap them. Next push them into the jar and secure the lid. 

Battery operated LED string lights: 

1. This is a great option as it means you can reuse every night! Take the string light and carefully arrange them inside the jar, then secure the battery pack to the bottom of the lid.  

2. Next decorate the outside the jar with the feathers, glitter and paint – or leave plain if you want. 

3. Decorate the lid with ribbons and material, but make sure you can unscrew to turn on and off.  

4. Simply turn the pack on before bed and enjoy a magical glow every night! 

Glow in the dark paint: 

1. This is a fun one and should last for a long time! 

2. Take the jar and use the paints to create a pattern on the glass, you can also paint the lid with a pattern.  

3. Let it dry and put it somewhere at night, once it gets dark the paint should glow, creating something very magical! 

Flower and Nature Crowns 

We love making these at Bluestone and now you can create your own at home as well. 

nature crown - craft activities

What you need: 

- Thick paper or cardboard, or ribbon (at least 5cm width) 

- Leaves, flowers, twigs, ribbons, feathers 

- Glue or double-sided tape 

- Scissors 

- Tape measure 


1. Get someone to measure the circumference of your head. Add 5cm to this number – this will be the length of your crown.  

2. Measure the length out on your paper, cardboard or ribbon, with at least a 10cm width.  

3. Now apply the glue or double-sided tape to the centre of your card leaving a gap at each end.  

4. Stick the flowers, feathers, twigs, colourful leaves or anything else you want on your crown to create a beautiful decoration.  

5. Once dried join both ends of the card together with tape, letting them slightly overlap (2.5cm each).  

6. You should now have a beautiful crown to wear in the house or out foraging!



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