Damara Zebra at Manor House Wildlife Park

By Kathryn Slade Zebra

In February 2014 Manor House welcomed a herd of Damara Zebras, the only group in the UK.  When we went to see them they had settled in brilliantly and were all enjoying their time outside in the sunshine.

There are currently 4 Zebras living at Manor Park, 2 males names Troy and Trigger and two females called Zara and Dash. They share a paddock with 2 ostriches and 3 rhinos.  When we went to visit they were all enjoying the greenery together.

Zebra and Ostrich at Manor House

It was great to sit in the huge wooden armchairs and watch them interacting with each other and having fun.

Harriet In Huge Wooden Chair at Manor Park

We learnt some fun facts about the Zebras while we were there so we thought we’d share them with you so you can impress with your knowledge when you go!

Key Facts
Height: 85-95in
Weight: 385-850lbs

Appearance: Equine Build, black and white stripes (unique to each zebra) and a stiff bristly mane that stands up.

Demara Zebra at Manor House Wildlife Park 

Zebras are very sociable animals who live in groups of around 10-12 individuals in the wild.  There is usually 1 stallion, several females and their offspring. Males can sometimes live in Bachelor groups. There is a strict hierarchy amongst the females of the herd they strengthen their bonds with regular grooming.

The Zebras like to graze all day so grass makes up 92% of their diet in the wild. The other 8% is made up of herbs and shrubs that they might find along the way. At Manor House the Zebras have their hay added to their diet and a special carrot treat every morning!

Damara Zebras prefer to live in the treeless grasslands and savannah woodlands and rely on rainfall for food and water. They will go on long migrations following the rains and are rarely found too far away from a water source. They live in the following African countries, Botswana, Namibia, Angola and South Africa all of which are very different from Pembrokeshire!

In the wild Zebras can live for up to 25 years but the average life span is 9 years because of the threat from predators. In fact up to 50% of foals don’t  survive their first year. In captivity Zebras have been known to live for up to 40 years! Thanks to constant food, no competition or predators and the love and attention of their lovely keepers!


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