Day In The Life of a Blue Lagoon Waterpark Lifeguard

By Kathryn Slade Blue Lagoon Interior

Ellen is one of our Lifeguards at the Blue Lagoon Water Park we met up with her to talk about her job and what it involves!  

We start work at 8:30 with a team meeting where we make sure we are up to date with the latest first aid knowledge and then we go pool side. We are on a rota so we spend 30 minutes on each station, so we get to move around the pool a lot.

I did an intensive lifeguard course to qualify. You spend two or three hours in the water everyday and then the rest of the day is learning theory and first aid skills. Then on the final day of the course we did a two hour exam which involved both aspects of the job.

People have an idea that lifeguards don’t really do much but we have to be prepared to face anything from a cut finger to a potential heart attack in the pool or a spinal injury so we need to be constantly ready to act. We will always be the first port of call so we have to be trained for all types of scenarios.

Ellen Blue Lagoon Lifeguard
I have always swum competitively and have always loved swimming since I was little, not everyone is a competitive swimmer and it isn’t a major requirement. You don’t have to be an amazing swimmer as long as you can swim a certain length in the required times. You have to do a 20 metre swim followed by a 20 metre conscious casualty tow followed by a 10 metre unconscious tow. So they are face down when you get there but you have to start the rescue from there, towing someone in the water in this situation is hard work and you have to remain alert and focused to be able to do the job.

We also train lifeguards here. You can do a rookie lifeguard course from ages 8 here at the Blue Lagoon which will help even more with learning about water safety. We occasionally do adult training courses too which are advertised on our website around the time and also on Facebook and Twitter.

Blue Lagoon exterior 

I really enjoy teaching children about being safe around the water as in Pembrokeshire we are so lucky to be surrounded but beautiful beaches. Last year the Lifeguards from the Blue Lagoon went out to local schools to promote the importance of learning how to swim and how to be safe on the beach. We were talking about being safe on the water, around the pools, at the beach or by rivers. We spoke to them about why it was safe to swim at the pool. And talked to them about the possible dangers of swimming at the beach or by the rivers, how they could spot them and how to try and help people if they are in trouble. We weren’t teaching them how to jump in and do big rescues but reach rescues or throw rescues if their friends fell in. We also looked at CPR with the older children. We went to loads of school around Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire. There were a team of us that went out over six weeks. It was really great fun I loved it!

Working at the Blue Lagoon is great because every day is so different!

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