Day In The Life of a Chef at Bluestone

By Kathryn Slade Careers at Bluestone We spoke to Chris, the head chef at our new Oak tree restaurant, to find out about the new menu and what is offer at our Welsh Italian.

The inspiration for the restaurant has recently changed can you tell us a bit about the new menu?

The new menu has more of a family feel which is very important in Welsh and Italian cultures. Mealtimes are a family affair and a chance for everyone to get together and enjoy delicious food. The menu draws on this influence and serves high quality dishes that suit every taste bud.


We have to ask what is your favourite dish on the menu?

It would have to be the crab risotto for me. When I think of Pembrokeshire food I always think of freshly caught crab. It’s a light dish but one that is bursting with flavour.


You use a lot of fresh and local ingredients here at The Oak tree why is that important to you as the head chef?

The ingredients that we use here give the restaurant its sense of place. Hopefully by looking at the menu you can tell that you in Pembrokeshire. It’s a county that is known for high quality produce and farming so its important to us that we showcase it at its finest. So if you are coming on holiday to Pembrokeshire you will get a real experience of brilliant local food.

Careers at Bluestone 

As the chef do you get to choose your own suppliers?

Yes, we are really lucky here we get to choose our own suppliers. We go out and have a chat with them so they get to know us and we get to know them. This way they know exactly what we are looking for and so we try and pick the best ones that we can.


We now know what inspired the restaurant but what inspired you to become a chef?

From a really young age I was always in the kitchen baking and cooking with my Aunts. I started studying for a business degree but I wanted to pursue my passion for cooking instead. I started working in a small pub and then I went to catering college from there. There are lots of different courses available but I chose a course that allowed me to focus on general cooking and pastries.

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