Day Out Horseriding With Marros Stables

By Kathryn Slade Marros

To celebrate the start of June, Harriet and I went to visit our friends at Marros Riding School. The family run and owned riding school is based 14 miles from Bluestone between Amroth and Pendine on the coast road.

We arrived 15 minutes early for our lesson and trekking activity so that we could be fitted with riding hats and boots. We were then introduced to the lovely Becki who was tasked with looking after us.

It was then into the riding centre to meet our handsome horses! It had been at least 10 years since I had been horse riding and I won’t lie I was quite nervous when I saw the size of the horse that was waiting for me. I was even more nervous when I was told that was actually for Harriet and because of my height my horse would be considerably bigger.

Testing Horses at Marros Riding Stable

Harriet was introduced to Lady and I was introduced to Danny. Thankfully he was a big softy! We were then helped up into the saddle and taught the correct ways to hold reins and sit in the saddle. I was quite a long way off the ground but Becki talked to me about everyday things and I had soon forgotten any initial worries.

We started off really gently, the horses were so professional and followed each other nicely around the arena so that we could get used to the wobbliness of horse riding. Their friendly staff are all BHS and/or ABRS qualified and were brilliant at instructing us. Becki really made us feel at ease and was happy to go at a pace that we were comfortable with.

Once we had settled into the saddle we started do different exercises with the horse. We learnt to stop which was very reassuring for both of us! We then got to grips with steering and maneuvered our ways around the arena according to Becki’s instructions.

Once we had mastered this we got to do a mini obstacle where we had to negotiate ourselves through some cones and then stop between two poles before starting again. I was so proud of Danny and Lady who were amazing at this!

Horse Riding Obstacles at Marros

Because we were having lots of fun and enjoying being in the saddle then we could go outside trekking with our new horse friends and Becki. Because I was the less experienced Becki led Danny at the start of the trek. The path that we took was simply beautiful! Full of wild flowers and little streams and filled with the scent of wild garlic!

Danny and Lady were incredible during this walk and looked after us going down the hills and back up the other sides. We went on an adventure trail that took us into a valley. Naturally Lady and Danny liked stopping every now and again for a quick pit stop and a snack from a tasty looking tree or bush when Becki wasn’t looking. They were quite the cheeky pair! I classed myself as complete beginner when we started but I was surprised at how quickly I felt at ease and even confident in the saddle, I was even quite sad when we started to head back to the centre!

Horse Riding in Country Lanes

After we gracefully dismounted… well perhaps not gracefully… we got to give the horses a big thank you for looking after us and taking us on the trek! Danny and I had really bonded and he rubbed his head allover my coat that I like to think of as a cuddle. Harriet and Lady had a hug too!

Outside Marros Riding Stables

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