Dewi Sant, Dewi Sant, Cofio Dewi!

By Kathryn Slade Daffodil

Across Wales children will be singing these words with glee on the 1st of March as the country celebrates the life of our Patron Saint, David or Dewi.

Saint David is particularly special to Pembrokeshire as it was here that he was born in a little place called Caerfai towards the end of the 5th century.

During his life he became renowned for his teachings and founded a number of monastic settlements and churches across Wales. Saint David’s Cathedral now stands on the spot where his monastery Glyn Rhosyn (The Vale of Roses).

If you haven’t made any plans for St David’s Day or whether it’ll be your first celebration in Wales come and spend it at Bluestone!

We will be having a great time with celebrations centered around the beauty of Camp Smokey. There’ll be a morning filled with music and traditional Welsh Folk Dancing as well as a chance for face painting for little ones... and big ones too!

Camp Smokey

The Welsh theme will be continuing around the resort with specials in the restaurants and daffodils decorating the resort!

For a Saint David’s Day to remember spend it with us in Pembrokeshire and be sure to take the trip to visit Saint David’s Cathedral and the UK’s smallest city during your stay!

You can even stay in one of our St David’s lodges where there is room for all the family; it even has its own playroom!

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