Diary of an Elf

By Jingles the Elf Elf on a train

Dear Diary, 

What an elfciting day I’ve had! 

This morning started like any other with a healthy breakfast of candy canes and gingerbread; I was just about to check on Rudolf when Santa stopped by and said that I’d be going on a great elfventure to Gwili Railway! 

I was super elfcited to visit Gwili Railway as I’d heard all about their beautifully preserved Steam Locomotives, the likes of which I haven’t seen since I was just a young Elf Ranger - why I must only have been around 300 years old or so! 

Elf at train station
Gwili Railway was elftastic! My Elf friends and I had a wonderful time and rode on an old steam train named the “Welsh Guardsman”. The people on the train were having a wonderful time too but I was a little surprised by their lack of Christmas spirit; not a single Christmas jumper in sight - they clearly didn’t realise that Christmas is only 9 MONTHS AWAY! We Elves had to help them! 

We started by visiting each train carriage, handing out chocolate and Christmas books to all of the boys and girls, this seemed to raise their Christmas Spirits so next we decided to help the train’s staff. Elf Tinsel even drove the train to give the driver a little rest! 

Elves on train
At one of the stations where the Welsh Guardsman stopped, we found another train which read “Royal Mail” on the side of it (I was very impressed because I had no idea that the Snow Queen shared my love of locomotives!) Inside the train, we found lots of letters that needed organising and even though our efforts to help resulted in a teeny-tiny-gigantic “letter fight”, I’m sure that with her magic the Snow Queen will have it tidied up in no time. 

Elves organising letters on train
Hopping back onto the Welsh Guardsman, we started back on the final leg of our journey. By this time, all of the passengers and staff on the train had found their Christmas Spirit and many of them joined us in the luggage carriage to sing Christmas songs and carols for the rest of the way. 

Reindeer me, what a day! I’d forgotten how fun those Steam Locomotives really are.....Which gives me an idea, I wonder if Santa would consider a Steam Train to Elftopia!  

Until tomorrow, 

Jingles the Elf. x

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