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We caught up today with Anna Critten Senior Spa Therapist to find out about the Well Spa Retreats Thermal Suite and discover some of the health benefits.

Anna explains “Firstly we recommend guests to use the Dry Salt Room to start with, this room is kept at room temperature to help prepare the body for the thermal experience. It is good for the respiratory system and for skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

salt room

The brick sauna is heated between 60-65 degrees and there is an automatic water spray that wets the coals every 15 minutes. The temperature is very good for penetrating deep into the muscles and is beneficial to aid aches, pains and arthritis. Stay as long as you feel comfortable, ensuring you listen to your body. The heat induces relaxation and promotes sweating which helps cleanse the body.


Next we have the Marine Steam room which has marine extracts in the air helping to cleanse and detoxify the body.

Follow this with the herbal steam room, eucalyptus essences help to clear the airways and relieve any cold or flu like symptoms as well as helping to relax the muscles.

The Celtic Sauna is heated between 80-85 degrees which is our hottest treatment room. Again an automatic water spray functions every 15 minutes with essences of heather and bracken helping to remind us of the rural areas in Pembrokeshire.

Finally experience the Ice pod for a refreshing, toning and stimulating session. We recommend guests to use the ice room after the heat experience to help shock the body and stimulate the blood flow circulation process. Rubbing crushed ice straight onto the skin helps circulation as well as exfoliation.

The two other elements to the Thermal suite are the Experience Showers and Hydrotherapy pool. The showers provide pressure and massage helping to relieve muscular aches and pains where as the hydrotherapy pool is heated between 30-35 degrees and works in a cycle. 

spa outside

The cycle moves through a range of different jets starting with underwater jets, moving into a waterfall through to the volcano jet. We advise guest to follow the cycle to gather its full benefits.”

For more information and short breaks at The Well Spa Retreat web page. 

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