Elf Diary

By Megan Tapper Elf Diary

Elf Englebert is Santa’s Chief Elf Advisor and he’s been told some very exciting news to pass onto the rest of the elves. Read his diary extract below:

Tuesday 16th September
Weather: Super snowy, windy white blizzard.
Mince pies eaten: Only 4. I’m being very good!
Presents wrapped: 679.
Mulled wines consumed: 3. Or was it 4?

Dear diary,

Today was a very busy day for me. After feeding the reindeers, trimming Santa’s beard, polishing the baubles, baking a Christmas cake and ironing Santa’s suit, the big man called me in to his office to tell me some very important news.

I’m Santa’s Chief Elf Advisor Elf-straordinaire, so he needs me to pass a very special message on to the rest of the Elves. All 333 of them!

Christmas is always a very busy, frantic, crazy time here at the North Pole for us pointy-eared folk, but today I had to tell the elves that some of them will being leaving the North Pole because they’ll have an extra special, extra important, extra amazing job this Christmas!

You see, Santa’s already started receiving letters in their thousands from little girls and boys all over the world – and it’s only September. You might not think that children write to Santa in September, but they do and this year we’ve received LOADS! The North Pole Post Office can’t handle the influx of Christmas lists and they’re piling up. “I simply have to do something about it” said Santa.

He’s sending a group of his best, most magical, splendiferous, super duper hard-working elves over to Bluestone National Park Resort in Pembrokeshire to handle the overflow of letters. They’ll be taking the letters, reading them very carefully and making extra special presents for good girls and boys.

It’s a very important job, you see.  Bluestone is a long, long way away from the North Pole. I reckon it’s probably about 2,634,101 miles away. Or something like that. So we’ll miss our elf friends very much, but I’m sure they’re going to be so excited when I announce which ones have been chosen to spend Christmas at Bluestone!

I think I’ll tell the elves at breakfast tomorrow. Anyway, my mince pies have been in the oven long enough, so I’d better go and take them out before bed.

Until next time, goodnight diary!


Elf Englebert

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