Elf Diary - September 23rd

By Kerry Curson Santa

Elf Englebert has sent us another update on his week since announcing an imminent departure for some of his most special elves:


Tuesday 23rd September

Weather: Calm, clear skies. Sunny – but the snow never melts at the North Pole

 Mince pies eaten: 29 – off the wagon a little this week, but my waist line is allowed to expand towards Christmas!

 Presents wrapped: 682.

 Mulled wines consumed: Hmmmmmm.....


Dear Diary,

It’s been a busy week, what with having to get the Elves all prepped and ready for their trip to Bluestone. It would seem that the reindeer are a little podgy at the edges after no exercise for almost a year! Mrs Clause has really fed them far too many cookies this year. So they won’t be travelling anywhere for a few week – we’ll have to put them on a strictly carrot only diet until at least November, which will be far too late for The Kingdom of The Elves!

So, we had the most fantabulosey dosey idea of all! Our chosen squad of Bluestone Elves will be sent on a star ride across the skies of the Candy Cane forest and through the 4 moons of Tooth Fairy Island. They’ll be 7 Elves to fly so perhaps we’ll book 3 shooting stars for them to ride on. 2 Elves per star should be fine me thinks.


The most fun thing of all was choosing which of our incredible impishilous team to send. After much deliberation and a whole host of mince pies and ginger bread men, Santa and I have decided to post the following Elves at Bluestone for this busy Christmas season:

1)      1) Elf Elf Wishy Washy

2)     2) Elf Abracadabra

3)     3) Elf Frosty

4)     4) Elf Smally Bigs

5)     5) Elf Rubix

6)     6) Elf Snazzy-Sneaks

7)     7) DJ Elf Boy Slim

I just hope that’s enough to keep the ground covered down there. No doubt they’ll be a little disorientated to begin with, so Santa has tried to prepare them for life outside of the North Pole;

‘ If you see some big spotty creatures living in fields – know that they are not foreign reindeer, do not get on their backs – they will not fly. The hornless unicorns are actually horses, they too – do not fly. The white fluffy things are not snow dogs – they’re sheep and the big scary, slow growling beasts are just tractors – don’t be afraid. You can sledge down the Preseli’s peeks but you’ll have a long walk to the top – no flying in day light. Work hard, play lots and have fun finding me some elfployees for Christmas...’

He’s a wise guy our Santa...speak soon diary.  

Elf Englebert

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