Enjoy An Action Packed October Half Term Break


It can be a struggle to keep the kids entertained during the half term break from school – so keep the kids happy on an October Half Term Break to Bluestone, you might be surprised by how much there is to enjoy. 

Banish those pre-Winter blues and enjoy every last drop of Autumn on a half-term break with us and from the Halloween takeover, half-term in the Serendome and our Bwbach Festival, here’s what you can look forward to this October. 

1. Serendome 

The brand new Serendome has to be the first place you visit on a trip. It doesn’t just look spectacular - it’s packed with activities and free play areas to keep even the most energetic minds busy. Alongside SkyWalk, Star Catcher and Wacky Racers there are three new free play areas - Sand Play, Water Play and Imagination Garden for you to enjoy. 

october half term holidays serendome

october half term serendome

And, while the kids are enjoying themselves, it's the perfect time for a stop at the Garden Box for refreshment or you could try The Terraces, where you can pick up delicious street food including burgers, burritos and pasta dishes! 

But what’s the best thing about Serendome in October? If it’s raining you can still enjoy it! 

The huge, transparent roof gives you the feel of being outdoors without experiencing bad weather.  

2. Outdoor Adventures 

There’s nothing wrong with being outdoors in autumn – in fact, at Bluestone we prefer it! 

There is so much wildlife to spot around resort, on the Nature Trail, by the lake and the meadow that it’s the perfect time to slip on your wellies and head out on an adventure. 

outdoor adventures autumn

If you want to really get your hands dirty, join our Free Rangers on an expedition into the wild. You’ll not only learn about the natural world around you, but we’ll also teach you skills you can use in the great outdoors and have lots of fun too. Just remember as a Free Ranger – the muddier you get, the better! 

3. Late Nights at the Blue Lagoon 

There’s no school to get up for on your half-term holiday, so we’re giving you the chance to stay extra-late at the Blue Lagoon. Our indoor waterpark will be open until 9pm every day of the holiday – meaning you’ve got even more time to enjoy a splash! 

Blue Lagoon

4. Halloween Takeover 

At Bluestone we love the spooky season as it gives us another excuse to get up to mischief and play pranks and this Halloween is going to be bigger than ever thanks to our extra special Spooktacular! You’re all invited to join our Free Rangers for a really ghoul time at the Spooktacular Adventure Centre After Dark. Little horrors can roam free, visit our array of bewitching stalls and test their nerve on our rickety rock climb wall. 

Halloween Spooktacular

They’ll have to watch their step though, as things aren’t always what they seem. If you fancy a bite in between your spooking, head upstairs to the Bwbach Bash – perfect for mini monsters under 5. Enjoy a HOWLING hot dog or visit Mr Cotton Candy and try his GLOWING tasty Halloween treat, but beware he doesn’t trick you first! As ever, guests are welcome to stretch their Halloween imaginations and come in the craziest, zaniest and scariest costumes they can think of! 

5. Pumpkin Racers 

The Spooktacular isn’t the only place to get in the Halloween Spirit, join us at the Enchanted Workshop for the legendary Pumpkin Racers and if you’ve never raced pumpkins then you’ve missed out!

pumkpin racers

During the workshop you’ll personalise your own pumpkin and we love encouraging guests to get really creative with their racers. Once they’ve been transformed, it’s time for the Great Bwbach Race where you’ll compete against all the other pumpkins for first prize. 

6. Bwbach Festival 

Our wonderful, mischievous and wicked Bwbach Festival returns in 2019 for more fun around resort. Look out for our weird and wacky, larger-than-life, scarecrows taking over Bluestone and maybe even get a scarecrow selfie with our visitors.

bwbach festival

In October half-term we’ll be marking the end of the festival, but there’s still time for you to enjoy the season. Catch our hilarious Not-So-Scary Scarecrow Dinner show at the Wildwood Cafe and enjoy our season craft workshops where you can make Autumn-inspired creations using traditional techniques!  

7. Lighting of the Bwbach 

If you stay with us for the final weekend of October half-term you can join us at the Lighting Of the Bwbach. 

Taking place on Sunday, November 3rd the special Bwbach Parade heads to the lake where the giant, floating Bwbach will be illuminated to celebrate the end of the festival. 

Fireworks will light up the sky as autumn and Bwbach officially come to an end - a spectacular sight you won’t want to miss! 

Bluestone lake in autumn

You can book your Spooktacular tickets and other activities in Manage Your Booking now and make sure you do, otherwise your little monsters might be left disappointed.

To enjoy all of this join us during October Half Term on a break to remember!

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