Episode VI Return of the Free Rangers

By Kathryn Kenobi May the 4th be with you

The name is a clever code, a nod to the native tongue where Seren means Star.

Here under a transparent dome, which is undetectable to the Order and their armies, the rebels thrive, awakening the force from within.

Free Range Fightback 620

Those brave enough to fight spend their days channelling their inner SkyWalk-er, enhancing their driving skills at the Chewb-Wacky Racers, and use the force to scale the Death Star Catcher.

The Free Rangers swim in sub-tropical climates at the Blue Lagoon water park and it sleep in luxurious lodges.

Serendome Overhead

Serendome Activities

Do you have what it takes to join the rebels and start the Free Range Fight Back?

Try our Free Ranger activities in the Serendome and you'll go from a Padawan to a Free Ranger Knight in no time!

Chewb-Wacky Racers

Together as a family you’ll race against the clock to put together and decorate your very own race kart. 

Once complete you’ll put it to the test against the other competitors in the Bluestone Grand Prix! 

The Death Star Catcher

Reach for the stars on this exciting new activity! They will scale a 10 metre tall naturally grown tree, with the help of climbers which are secured by automatic belays. Suitable for 6+. 

The SkyWalker

The impressive SkyWalk is built over 7 towers and features 24 climbing stations. With moving elements, including a bicycle, it’s a vertical adventure course like no other! You'll also find the Mini SkyWalk(er) course tailored for young children, and a Wheelchair friendly course.

serendome activity

All are bookable now on Manage Your Booking for breaks after July 19th 2019.

 If you aren't already visiting on a break then join us this summer and keep the force strong under our giant, transparent dome! 

Happy Star Wars Day,

May The Fourth Be With You! 



Let us answer your Serendome questions

Our brand new resort adventure area - Serendome - opens on July 19th 2019 just in time for a memorable summer of fun! Here's our answers to all your questions about Bluestone National Park's exciting new addition!

Serendome Fast Facts

Fast Facts about Bluestone's brand new attraction - Serendome.