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By Kathryn Slade Espa Facial

At Bluestone we are really lucky to have our own Spa on resort which is exclusive for guests. Here you can relax and unwind while enjoying luxurious treatments using ESPA products.

I have noticed a difference in my skin recently after changing cosmetic brands and so I went to the Well Spa Retreat to ask their advice on how I could look after my skin. The therapists are all very helpful and knowledgeable because of this I didn’t feel uncomfortable asking for advice as you can sometimes feel.  There is a very relaxed atmosphere which helps this too the therapists suggested that I book a Personalised 50 minute Facial which would help me learn about how to help balance my new skin type.

Espa LogoI arrived for my treatment 15 minutes early so that I could fill in the consultation form and then I was met by my therapist Sam. I had never had a treatment before so I was excited as it felt like a real treat. The treatment started with Sam talking me through what to expect and what she would be working on. I explained that I had noticed changes in my skin recently and Sam said that she would tailor the facial to help with this.

I was then asked to close my eyes and smell four facial products. The one that I most drawn to would then be used for the duration of my treatment. It would also be the one that my body recognised as the most beneficial.

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The facial is started with a gentle eye and lip cleanse to clear away any make up. Then the first cleanse is applied. My skin was already feeling fresher and clean. After this cleanse Sam turned the lighting right down so that she could study my skin under a specialist ‘Skin Vision Lamp’ which allows the therapist to see exactly what is going on with the skin and helps to identify the clients skin type. I am now oily after years of having dry skin, your skin can change because of a number of things but mine is most likely to be because of my change in skin products. The rest of the facial was adapted to work with what was learnt from the Skin Vision Lamp.

Espa Facial Treatment OilsThere was a second cleanse which was followed by a third each of which were removed using warm mitts which felt lovely and refreshing on the skin. The second cleanse included an exfoliation which was perfect for oily skin. My face was then freshened with the ESPA Balancing Herbal Spafresh and massaged which was heavenly. Sam worked on pressure points and lymphatic drainage on my face and encouraged the removal of toxins in the way that she worked. After the massage Sam applied a face mask which was left on while I relaxed and a Pink Hair and Scalp Mud was applied to my hair. The scalp massage was really soothing and I felt so relaxed I was almost falling asleep. The Pink Mud soothes and nourishes your hair and scalp and strengthens your hair from the roots. After a few minutes Sam removed the face mask with warm mitts and applied the aftercare and skin solution products. I thought I had been spoilt enough but the treatment is ended with an application of Optimal Body TriSerum which wakes you up a little from a slightly drowsy and incredibly relaxed state of mind.

Sam then left me to come around by myself and get comfortable before she returned with a cup of cold water. It is really important to drink lots of water after a treatment as it encouraged the flushing of the toxins that had been moved around during the massage. While I had been relaxing Sam had helpfully written down the products that she had used during my treatment so that I could purchase them in the shop if I wanted to. At the back of the little booklet I was given was my personal Skin Vision Analysis. Based on my skin type I was advised to cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. As well as this daily routine twice a week I was advised to use an exfoliator to deeply cleanse my skin which helps balance the oiliness of my skin.

The treatment was a brilliant way to relax to start with but because I learnt so much about my skin it was really beneficial.  After the treatment my skin felt really fresh and clean and it looked really healthy and bright. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who is unsure about their skin type and how best to manage it as well as those who are looking for some pure pampering!

Indulge in a spa break at Bluestone and enjoy a nights stay in luxury accommodation, a 3 course meal, entry to our thermal suites and a 50 minute treatment which could be a facial like I enjoyed! Treat yourself because you are worth it.

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