Euro 2016 Fun Facts

By Kathryn Slade Football

Football will become the topic of conversation in every home and office shortly when the Euros kick off on Friday night!  As someone who knows very little about the game I set out to find some fun facts so that I don’t get left behind in the chat around the Bluestone Sweepstake, hopefully it will help you too!

  • The European Championship is organised by UEFA

  • France will be the host for the 2016 Championship it’ll be the 3rd time they have hosted the tournament

  • The games will be played across 10 host cities and 10 stadiums

  • There will be 24 teams competing for the first time ever

  • All 53 UEFA members excluding France entered the qualification stages

  • David Guetta has been tasked to produce the Offical Euro 2016 Song

  • If Germany or Spain win it’ll be their 4th Euro victory which will be a new record!

  • England have the youngest average age at 25.8 years old

  • The Republic of Ireland are the oldest with an average age of 29.8 years

  • Wales, Slovakia, Northern Ireland, Iceland and Albania are all making their debuts in this year’s championship

  • The official match ball for this tournament has been called Beau Jeu which translates to Beautiful Game


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