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By Kathryn Slade Duckling at Bluestone Lake

You may have seen that we recently shared an article written by broadcaster and adventurer Ben Fogle. In this article Ben talked about the growing pressure on children to perform well in school tests in an attempt to measure the success of schools. The post has attracted lots of interest on Facebook and Twitter for us and we can see why!

We whole heartedly agree with Ben that more money should be spent on ensuring that children have the opportunity to experience nature and that is something that we passionately believe in here at Bluestone.

We are very lucky that our resort is set in 500 acres of countryside in one of the country’s most beautiful counties and the UK’s only coastal national park. Thanks to our location we share our resort with a range of native animals and it’s quite common to pass a family of rabbits on your walk around park or have a nosy squirrel on the patio at breakfast!

Some of our guests have experienced seeing a worm for the first time in their 40’s on our nature trail, and others couldn’t believe that rabbits actually live in underground burrows.

bluestone lake view on a misty morning 

We believe that the earlier you teach children about their environment the more that they will respect it and want to help look after it for future generations. A study by the American Medical Association in 2005 concluded that ‘Children will be smarter, better able to get along with others, healthier and happier when they have regular opportunities for free and unstructured play in the outdoors.”

During a stay in Bluestone you can go on bug hunts as a family, build rafts together to race along the lake and wander through the woodlands around the resort, you could even do a touch of Forest Bathing!

We also encourage our guests to get out and explore more of our beautiful county of Pembrokeshire that we are proud to call our home. With over 50 beaches to choose from, there is plenty to discover as well as some amazing eco-systems to investigate.

You can teach your children about different habitats here and encourage them, (and yourselves!), to step away from the screen in exchange for building dens in the woods, playing Pooh Sticks along the river, or just enjoying watching the world go by without a Smartphone glued to your hands!

We believe that the knowledge of nature and a respect for the world that we live in is just as important as any school test.  Find a new way of learning and experience our ethics of Free Range Fun with a break to Bluestone National Park Resort. What do you think Ben? Fancy a visit this summer?

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