Family Fun Day Out at Saundersfoot Beach

By Simon Morris Saundersfoot harbour boats

So many beaches to choose from in Pembrokeshire – we’re spoilt!

As a family man with two gorgeous young girls, I’m always looking for fun things for the three of us to do when my wife is working and I’m looking after them. Take last Sunday, for example.

It was a cloudy day to begin with, but after visiting grandparents it had brightened up and was turning into a beautiful day. Without further ado, we had decided it was the ideal day for a trip to the beach. Living so close to plenty of award-winning beaches, the only question was, which one to choose?

Saundersfoot beachfront

We decided on Saundersfoot, one of Pembrokeshire’s prettiest seaside towns. Saundersfoot is home to beautiful sandy beaches, a bustling harbour and echoing mining tunnels, which my girls loved walking through. We enjoyed the sunny weather and glittering sea views from Saundersfoot’s smaller bay, Coppet Hall, before heading home.

Saundersfoot harbour

Once we were home and my wife returned from work, it was decided that since we had such a lovely time on the beach, we should all go back again! We spent the afternoon running around on the shore and building sand castles together - well, I built them and the girls took great pleasure in demolishing my handiwork.

Of course, a day at the seaside isn’t the same without a delicious bag of fish and chips.

The four of us sat on a bench looking out to sea and shared the chips, reflecting on another lovely day in Pembrokeshire before heading home again.

Saundersfoot beach at sunset

That’s the beauty of living in this part of Wales, there are a myriad of beaches to choose from – perfect for quality time with the family. We’re already thinking of which one to visit next weekend!

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