Five family things to do at the Bluestone Bwbach Festival

Lesbemums visit Bluestone

We welcomed Kate and Sharon from the brilliant Lesbemums blog to Bluestone where they enjoyed the best of our annual Bwbach Festival. Here are their highlights.

From the beginning of September through to November, just in time to see the leaves fall off the trees, Bluestone turns a warmer shade of yellow and orange in time for the autumn festival of Bwbach.

Roughly translated to ‘Little Scare’ and pronounced as ‘Boo-Bach’, the festival celebrates the bewitching time of the year with a number of activities running throughout the festival. 

During both our stays at Bluestone, we’ve been incredibly lucky to be around when the festival has been in full swing - with lots of activities happening daily. From shows and parades to workshops, and games in the park. There’s something for everyone at the Bwbach Festival.

If you’re curious as to what it’s all about, here are our top five things you can do during the festival.

Take part in a scarecrow hunt

Scarecrows at Bluestone

As soon as we arrived, we noticed a few cheeky characters had made their way to Bluestone, and as soon as we checked-in we saw that last year's ‘Scarecrow Hunt’ had a fun new twist! It was now a game of trumps

Simply take a walk (or a drive if you have one of the awesome buggies!) around the park and you’ll soon come across several scarecrows that you can grab details from to create your very own pack of Top Trump cards. We loved taking part in this as it encouraged us to visit places we may not have done before, such as visiting the new SkyDome site or the Tournament Field.

Try a themed drink from the bar

Bluestone themed drinks

We gave a few of the on-site restaurants a visit this year and noticed lots of new alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks on display at the bar. 

From the Bluestone Bwbach (which is a gorgeous mix of ginger ale, pineapple Juice and Grenadine) to a Bwbach Bramble (rhubarb and ginger gin, lemon juice and black raspberry liquor) to the Pumpkin Spiced White Russian - there was something for all palates. 

Get carried away with pumpkins

The Bwbach Parade puppet scarecrow

Every Sunday and Thursday, the Bwbach Festival parades to the Village along with the Free Rangers. There’s live music, a scarecrow parade, and lots of fun and games to be had in the children’s park.

This year, we took part in Pumpkin Skittles (last year there was Pumpkin Races!) and beanbag throwing - it was the perfect end to our holiday. 

Create Bwbach masterpieces

Pumpkin play at Bluestone

Throughout the festival there are several opportunities to unleash your creative side and get crafty at the Village Hall (booking is a must).

Whether it’s creating your own pumpkin lantern or a Bwbach Willow Basket, there’s something for everyone to get involved in and you’re likely to learn a new skill along the way. 

Watch the (Not So Scary) Scarecrow Dinner Show

Scarecrow Dinner Show

In addition to all the other wonderful shows at Bluestone, Bwbach wouldn’t be complete without its very own show. 

Located at the Wild Wood Restaurant, join and make friends with the lonely but loveable Scarecrow who goes on a journey of friendship and love - with lots of interaction from the audience!

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