Free Range and Free Family Fun Ideas

By Kathryn Slade Children sitting on logs

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that can bring the most happiness. When I was little a fun day out meant making a box into a go-cart and whizzing around the garden in it all day!

With the summer approaching quickly, take our checklist of fun things to do with your children so that you will be prepared for any ‘I’m Boooored’ grumbles.

Print these ideas out and put them in a jar or a pot and let your children pick one out and decide what you are going to do to recapture the fun!

1. Make a rocketship or a car out of a cardboard box
2. Split into teams and get competitive with a quiz
3. Make instruments out of bits and bobs and form a band
4. Plant some seeds and watch them grow
5. Make a den out of pillows and blankets
6. Go roly polying down a hill
7. Make wooden spoons into puppets
8. Make a cereal box theatre for your puppets and put on a show
9. Make biscuits and decorate them with brightly coloured icing
10. Make some premiere posters and tickets and have a film afternoon
11. Spend an afternoon playing board games
12. Design and make paper aeroplanes and see whose flies the furthest
13. Play Pooh sticks at the river
14. Have a picnic and if it rains enjoy it indoors
15. Make a bird feeder and see how many different kinds of birds you can spot eating there
16. Make boats out of empty cartons and set them a-sail
17. Make an old shoebox into a house for your favourite toy
18. Make personalised stamps out of corks
19. Design crowns and wear them all day
20. Go and fly a kite
21. Film your adventures on your phone and edit them into a story
22. Have a sports day complete with a beanbag race and the egg and spoon!
23. Set up a tent and camp in the garden
24. Go crabbing
25. Go on a treasure hunt
26. Make your own wrapping paper with vegetable prints  
27. Make some bunting to decorate your bedrooms
28. Go bowling for the afternoon
29. Have a sandcastle building competition at the beach
30. Make a collage with magazine cuttings
31. Play tennis and host your own Wimbledon finals.
32. Explore the rock pools
33. Go to the beach and search the rockpools for seaside creatures
34. Make a pirate ship using chairs and blankets
35. Paint pottery
36. Go to the park and play with a frizbee
37. Visit an adventure farm and cuddle the animals
38. Play hide and seek
39. Climb a tree
40. Make a sundial for the garden
41. Make your own perfume
42. Create mud pies
43. Create a time capsule and bury it
44. Splash in the waves at the beach
45. Make a wind chime
46. Ride a bike or scooter
47. Toast marshmallows
48. Have a blowing bubble competition
49. Play hopscotch
50. Get some chalk and draw on the pavement
51. Lie on your back and make out cloud animals
52. Learn some magic tricks or circus skills
53. Make an obstacle course in the garden
54. Make origami animals
55. Have a shadow puppet show
56. Make our Woody Wilds masks and get into character
57. Play Leaf Bingo
58. Create a magic woodland wand
59. Make your own fairy dust
60. Create a course for your remote control cars
61. Make a dream catcher
62. Decorate a pebble to use as a door stop

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